Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chupa chups tlga?

Funny, I was resizing pictures from our trip from Hongkong while listening to TV ads. It was kinda weird not seeing what you hear from the televsion, not what normal people do, right?

And then, all of a sudden I heard the tagline..

"Chupa Chups, the pleasure of sucking."

Anu daw?!

Bigla ako napatigil and then stared at the television only to catch the logo of Chupa chups.

Did I hear that right?

Natawa na lang ako dahil iniisip ko baka namali lang ako ng rinig. But it was really funny, in a green-minded sort of way. hehe

(Common', don't tell me THAT didn't enter your mind?! hehe)

And then, I checked out their website, and mas natawa pa ako, They have an article entitled, "The Benefits of Sucking," pero ciempre, it's all about the lollipop and not what you have in mind, you perv. haha

If they only knew what their product and their ad meant in the Philippines. :D


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