Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ukay-ukay, anyone?

I've been looking for good clothes for every important event in my life. Hoping that those clothes could at least help me look good any where I go.

Where does one go when in need of one that'll last even for just a year?

The mall, where all the brands and luxury meet or the tiangge, where all the good ones at a low price?

Do we bargain or settle for the price?

I've been to both, hoping I could find my perfect fit. Sadly, when I thought I had a good one, it faded the instant I washed it. My consolation? Atleast, I thought I found it. No hopes lost, I guess. Off to the next shop to get a replacement, some told me.

I've tried a few. From shirts to polos, slacks to denims, and backpacks to mailman. Some stayed while some got torn. There are others, I still thought. Other that'll make me happy, or atleast ones that could.

And then there are those on SALE. Those on a fixed date. One time deals. Good enough but not exactly what I am looking for. Heck, I've tried them too. Some are still in my closet.

Reds and blues and greens. Stripes and checkered and ones with prints. There are those with shiny freebies, and there are those on plain colors. How do I choose which one? I ask myself. The problem is, I don't know what I want.

I usually take a size bigger or smaller than my actual one. I just cut and sew them to make it work for me. Stretch them to make it longer and bigger, or crop 'em to make 'em smaller and leaner.

Should I even be doing that?

Not finding what I what, should I take the next best thing?

Getting something that fits perfectly is sometimes next to impossible. That's why there are shops that does it for you.

Should we settle for something cut-and-sewn or that one that fits and flatters?


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