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just one of those days...not really

It's been a few days since I posted another rant about my life. Well, today, one of my seniors in the Accounting Dept. just celebrated his Birthday and my god it was one birthday treat I would not forget.

It's like there were 4 birthday celebrants with all the food in the office. From the gargantuan shrimps to the yummy pork barbecue and down to the oh-f*ck-do-I-still-have-enough-room-for-the-mouthwatering crabs, it was one free lunch I couldn't see myself having everyday.

And did I mention the dessert, of which I totally ignored the name, that I tried to ate s-l-o-w-l-y just so everyone could tell I had breeding? Major turn off! Haha kidding.

This day I kicked diet in the ass as I just about ate every dish on the table. And that's also the reason why I wasn't able to take pictures of the fiesta we had in the office.

And when I was trying to recover from the abundance of food I just had, I received email from my boss, unlimited Krispy Kreme on Friday's breakfast meeting.

Oh, Lord.

Maybe I could try walking from home to the office so I could still look good topless on the beach by the end of March.


I could skip the day's meal after having breakfast.

tsk, bad boy!
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wait for me..

Tomorrow is the start of a new chapter in my life. One that I have been waiting for to happen.

Hopefully, this one I get to keep for much much longer for now. I don't want to jump from one job to another -- pretty much like my lovelife right now.

Who knows, maybe tomorow's gonna be different this time. Not that I want my whole life to change, but I guess, all I want is to find whatever it is that I am looking for.

One that gives me enough to look forward to the next day.

I met up with friends last night. And for the very first time -- atleast for me -- we were complete. I missed them so much. And although not all of us went together to our next destination, still, it was a chance we would always treasure.

I cherish my friends more than anything. Heck, I'd even choose them over my partner. maybe because I know that when all seems lost, other than my family, it is them that I look for comfort.
We had a couple of beers. They got plok-ed while I got drunk. Went straight home, unfortunately, I missed my family's sunday church tradition. Good thing my dad wasn't mad at me for skipping this one.

I still miss you. I still think about you. Hell, I still shed tears when I remember you. But I know it's not the right time for another chance for us...yet. I am happy.. atleast I think so. I hope you are, too. maybe now is not the time but I am hoping it'll be someday.

So, wait for my return. Wait for me. I'll be back. And hopefully, you're still there waiting for me too.
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the 5 cows in trinoma

After a day's worth of jumping from Ortigas to Ayala and back to Ortigas, my friends and I decided to watch an indie film at Robinson's Galleria.

Ang Lihim ni Antonio.

It's about a boy who's growing up realizing that he may be gay. Curious about the male sexuality, he encounters experiences he longs to have when his tito arrives at his doorstep.

Everything seems to fall into place until a close encounter with death changes his life forever.

This is what happens to a good concept that's poorly executed.

But enough about that, since it ended with us having empty stomachs and because of the constant sales talk of my friend, Ryan, we ended up eating at Five TriNoma!

The food's really great. From the main course we had -- we couldn't afford having appetizer so we headed straight to main course -- we then ended it with 2 desserts. One's the Peter Piper we loved the moment it touched our taste buds and then there was their special dessert called Flaming Alaska, which by the way is set on flames upon serving.

I was waiting for them to set my friend on fire, but to no avail.

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not my usual Valentine's

After this morning's disappointment with SSS -- I went to SSS East Ave. branch to file an application to get the SSS digitized card only to find out that after almost two hours of waiting, the SSS number they gave me last 2004 was a temporary number so I have to go back 2 weeks after -- my iPod decided to go berserk.

It's Valentine's day and I was left with my PC and thousands of webpages to surf.

Talk about getting it on, huh?

Click. Browse. Click. Scroll down. Found another link. Click. Hey, maybe I could make this my exercise.


Good thing the rest of the family's arrived. We can go to dinner now.

We went to SM and decided to see which restaurants we could try.

Not much luck.

And then I noticed, my dad and my mom walking infront of us.

I can't even remember the last time they held hands.

And then I smiled.

Even if I don't have someone for Valentine's day, atleast love still works for the rest of the world.
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maybe I made a good one..

I used to say that choosing Sykes was one of the decision I will have to regret for the rest of my life.

I was wrong.

I chose to be with Sykes even if it was just a contractual position. I chose to be with Sykes even if I had no assurance after my contract. That although I had other great offers for a better employment, I chose Sykes.

I used to regret my decision. But now, I realized it all had the reasons why I decided to be with the company.


Today was bittersweet. I ended one while I began another.

The last day here at Sykes wasn't what i had expected. While I planned to exit quietly, it went the exact opposite.

Hayy Ching, nasira ang plan ko sayo. hehe But hey, you gave me enough reason para lalo kita mamiss.

Lalo na ung mga moments with yourself na minsan akala ko ako ang kausap mo.

Ysa, while your charm certainly reached QC, you have always shown how enthusiastic evryone should be despite the piles and piles of work that needs to be done. IDOL!!

Sir Jard, I appreciate everything you've told me. And yes you are right, I am confused. But not about that something we had in common. Maybe I am confused because I didn't know where I belong. But now, I know. Thank you. Your passion and dedication for your craft has become my inspiration to be someone that I would want myself to be.

Cyndee, from our NEO days until our last NAruto sessions, Nakakmiss ung tawa mo na hanggang CR namin nairrinig ko. Lalo na ung pag-good morning mo everyday. My cranky mornings have become less because of the cheerful way you say, saan ka kakain? hehe (kala mo ung good morning noh? hehe)

Ford, the one-stop shop for jargons and idioms, you have shown how you are contented with what you have. How I wish I had someone prepare my lunch for me. hehe

Ms. Ces, from the conversations we've had in your car going to RS until the day I told you I couldn't accept your offer, it was one experience I couldn't ever forget. Your drive for success and excellence has influenced me to do the same. Goodluck with the marriage life. I'm sure you're going to be a good mother to someone someday.

Now I realized what I want to be someday. Someone I can be proud of and someone people I know could be proud of. Not because of what I have achieved, but because of what I've become through the wonderful experiences I will always treasure.

Tomorrow's gonna be a new day for me. Better and stronger.
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and last but not the least..

Tomorrow is going to be my last day with Sykes. After 3 months of doing work there, I realized I really enjoyed everything about it -- the people I work with, the work that I do, and the company.

It's hard now that I will be out of a job... again.

But then again, this made me realize one thing about me.

I want to be in this field more than anything. The interaction. The flexible time. The activities and the outputs I achieve. It's not just about the money now (then again.. hehe), more than anything I've felt what I have been wanting to for the past year. And because of Sykes, I know now what I will be doing for the rest of my life.

To the people that I have worked with, Ms. Ces, Sir Jard, Ford, Ching, Ysa, Cyndee, thank you very much for everything. I had so much fun that I even wanted more.

Wait for my return.. better and stronger. :)
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Diet; who does that?


I haven't been very productive this past week. Because of the positive feedbacks from the interviews I had, I thought I had the final interview coming so I didn't really look for other job openings. Good thing I saved a couple for future references incase something (like this!) happen.

Maybe I should take this as an opportunity to focus more on myself.

I just came out of a relationship and I will be unemployed soon. So I guess this isn't really such a bad thing. right?

I'm starting to get hungry. (I'm making myself hungry for tonight's dinner with my family. Although I had a One-Piece Chiken Joy with an extra rice and chocolate sundae for breakfast and Luncheon meat with what seemed like 6 cups of rice plus 4 pieces of Ferrero Rocher's (did I spell that right?) chocolate for lunch hehe )
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Help, anyone?

My remaining days with Sykes are almost over. I should be packing my things up in the office so that I don't have to worry about it on Wednesday.

I have been with Sykes since November. I was hired for a contractual position so I guess, this is inevitable.

I already sent applications to other possible companies. I hope they'd contact me soon.

I can't afford to not have work after Sykes.

Summer's almost here and I still need to lose a big fat belly before I could strut the beach.

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Page Under Construction

Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated this for eons now. Please bear with me. I'm maintaining 5 emails, 3 blogs and a full time job I can't ignore... I know, I know, it isn't an excuse. Check out my multiply page for the meantime.

Click here or here or you can maybe go here.

It all goes to the same page anyway. :)
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