Saturday, February 16, 2008

the 5 cows in trinoma

After a day's worth of jumping from Ortigas to Ayala and back to Ortigas, my friends and I decided to watch an indie film at Robinson's Galleria.

Ang Lihim ni Antonio.

It's about a boy who's growing up realizing that he may be gay. Curious about the male sexuality, he encounters experiences he longs to have when his tito arrives at his doorstep.

Everything seems to fall into place until a close encounter with death changes his life forever.

This is what happens to a good concept that's poorly executed.

But enough about that, since it ended with us having empty stomachs and because of the constant sales talk of my friend, Ryan, we ended up eating at Five TriNoma!

The food's really great. From the main course we had -- we couldn't afford having appetizer so we headed straight to main course -- we then ended it with 2 desserts. One's the Peter Piper we loved the moment it touched our taste buds and then there was their special dessert called Flaming Alaska, which by the way is set on flames upon serving.

I was waiting for them to set my friend on fire, but to no avail.


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