Wednesday, February 20, 2008

just one of those days...not really

It's been a few days since I posted another rant about my life. Well, today, one of my seniors in the Accounting Dept. just celebrated his Birthday and my god it was one birthday treat I would not forget.

It's like there were 4 birthday celebrants with all the food in the office. From the gargantuan shrimps to the yummy pork barbecue and down to the oh-f*ck-do-I-still-have-enough-room-for-the-mouthwatering crabs, it was one free lunch I couldn't see myself having everyday.

And did I mention the dessert, of which I totally ignored the name, that I tried to ate s-l-o-w-l-y just so everyone could tell I had breeding? Major turn off! Haha kidding.

This day I kicked diet in the ass as I just about ate every dish on the table. And that's also the reason why I wasn't able to take pictures of the fiesta we had in the office.

And when I was trying to recover from the abundance of food I just had, I received email from my boss, unlimited Krispy Kreme on Friday's breakfast meeting.

Oh, Lord.

Maybe I could try walking from home to the office so I could still look good topless on the beach by the end of March.


I could skip the day's meal after having breakfast.

tsk, bad boy!


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