Thursday, February 14, 2008

not my usual Valentine's

After this morning's disappointment with SSS -- I went to SSS East Ave. branch to file an application to get the SSS digitized card only to find out that after almost two hours of waiting, the SSS number they gave me last 2004 was a temporary number so I have to go back 2 weeks after -- my iPod decided to go berserk.

It's Valentine's day and I was left with my PC and thousands of webpages to surf.

Talk about getting it on, huh?

Click. Browse. Click. Scroll down. Found another link. Click. Hey, maybe I could make this my exercise.


Good thing the rest of the family's arrived. We can go to dinner now.

We went to SM and decided to see which restaurants we could try.

Not much luck.

And then I noticed, my dad and my mom walking infront of us.

I can't even remember the last time they held hands.

And then I smiled.

Even if I don't have someone for Valentine's day, atleast love still works for the rest of the world.


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