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too much to handle..

I am torn between my past, my present and my future.

Someone pulls me back to my past.

While my present holds my neck like a bottle of coke.

All this time, a future holds something that could break this curse inside me.

Which do I choose?




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mind your own business

I was in an FX, on my way to the office when I noticed the guy beside me texting during the entire length of NLEX.

(Minsan, mahirap talaga sundin ang quote na 'Mind your own business')

I saw him texting a girl named Veronica 27 Paranque.

(How I knew details was too obvious because he used the name section as a summary of details of his textmates)

His text read:
Eto, papuntang work. Nu gawa mo apple pie ng buhay ko?

(I ain't makin' this up. I saw what he typed. haha)

The he erased the message from Veronica and scrolled up for other messages. Then found one and read.

Anna Delos R. 29 Pasay
Eto, kain ng bfast. Kaw?

He replied:
Eto, papuntang work. Wag kmain ng sobra. Ingatan mo ang kasexyhan mo ah? San ka kain my dear?

Erase. Scroll up. Found a new message.

Dianne 31 QC
hehe para tayong mga bata sa gngwa natin. Magbfast nko. San kna?

He replied:
Eto, papuntang work. Wag kmain ng sobra. Ingatan mo ang kasexyhan mo ah? San ka kain my dear?

(Yes. He used the same reply from the previous for this one.)

The same routine, again. Erase, scroll and read.

Cristina 28 QC
Hehe pauwe pa lang ako. Magbfast tpos derecho uwe para makatulog na.

(Probably an agent ending her night shift.)

He replied:
Ingatan mo yang chubbiness mo ah? Nakakagigil ka kasi my dear. Sabay din tayo magshower para malinis ka. hehe

That was my cue. I ended my eavesdropping and resumed to what I was supposed to be doing in the FX. Sleeping.

I didn't want to judge 'cause what I did was wrong. But 4 girls in 30 minutes. Four. I can only imagine if the travel went on for an hour.

And believe me, those were just the tip of the iceberg. Some words he typed are not allowed to be used in everyday conversation.

I didn't know what I was supposed to feel. But I felt sad, I dunno why.

Mind my own business, I should have just stuck to that.

fast-forward please?

Meet the Spartans.

Majority of the film is from the movie 300, but additional scenes were mixed to hide the fact that the story and its humor is outdated.

It's soo bad that I bought another ticket to watch Step Up 2, just to make up for the wasted money.

Britney scenes were fun to watch, though.

Step Up 2.

At least this one had good dance sequences. Great dancers but poor actors.

By the end of the film, I forgot what the movie was about.

It's almost the same storyline as the first installment. A person's torn from her group to study dancing. Struggling at first, blah blah blah... actor gets expelled. But at the end, the antagonist realizes his mistake and knows what dancing is all about. Blah blah... And the climactic final showdown between the lead's former crew and the new team of outcasts from the school she thinks she now belongs.

I can't wait to get a DVD copy and just fast-forward the film to the last half of the movie.
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10,000 BC, right?

With the silly costumes and great visual efffects I kinda enjoyed this film.

Not so much happy about the characters, but this film could be worth your money. A bit predictable at times and there's the confusion of why other tribes speak english and others don't.

It's best to just forget about the whole truth behind the storyline and just enjoy what's there. You'd enjoy the action by the end part where all the mammoths and tribesmen try to save everyone from the egyptian-like conquerors.

Watch out for the giant hungry chickens as well as the last part of this film. It's a surprise how many people in this film can see the future. lolx.

Secret Recipe shouldn't be a secret

I was bored and wanted to go out but I didn't want to roam around the mall by myself, so I called my friend who had the biggest stomach (and wallet) and decided to try eating at Secret Recipe -- on his suggestion.

And as usual, my stomach, not to mention the scarcity of moolah I had in my wallet, was forced to handle the challenge.

This one boasts of its award-winning recipes, too bad though 'cause one the their chefs weren't available so we couldn't try some of their dishes. But the ones we had were good enough to really confirm that they had good food there.

This time I remembered what I ate hehe. Roasted chicken with Turmeric Sauce and the Chocolate Indulgence.

Check out their website.

SSS Guy gone wild

Here I am at the SSS Bldg...again.

For what seemed like eternity, I, again, found myself standing at a line that looked like it had no end.

30 minutes passed.

1 hour.


I should have decided not to do this in the first place. That way, I didn't have to continue wasting my time here.


And then at last, after almost 2 hours of standing, I could see the light.

I was almost there with 5 guys standing before me. Waiting for our judgments.

The first guy just finished his business and looked like he was going to heaven.

Now, 3 guys stand before me. Yes, I can almost taste heaven.

I was in Utopia now. I was so excited I forgot my name.

I prepared my papers, ready to battle with the Bitchy Witch of the Counter.

And then there were two. After what I've gone through, this was the moment.

Suddenly, an attractive girl with boobs that could be mistaken for volleyballs entered the picture and asked the guy infront of me, "Manong, nagmamadali kasi ako. Pwede bang mauna na'ko sayo kasi nakapark ung sasakyan namin sa labas. Baka mahuli kami pag hindi ako nagmadali."

"That's why they invented parking lots, honey." I thought. And then I looked at the guy infront of me then looked at the long line behind me and told myself, 'He wouldn't dare.'

I saw the eyes of the ladies behind me. I've never seen such sharp glares.

"Sige po." was all I heard from the guy before my world crashed infront of me.

Yes, even with all the sudden uproar behind me, he let the temptation get ahead of him.

Tsk. After almost 2 hours of standing, this is what I get. A bad version of being a gentleman.

Maybe I should get disposable boobs for future purposes. What do you think?
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finally, sleep and more sleep


Finally, something to look forward to.

Pagkatapos ng isang buong linggo, makakatulog na ako ng kumpleto kahit papano. Kasi naman for the past few weeks, gumigimik lage kaya konti lng rest. Tapos may early (VERY EARLY, I must add) church pa tuwing Sunday. Kaya wala tlga akong tulog na maayos every weekend kapag gumigimik ako tuwing weekend.

Makakapagrecharge na din ako ng katawan.. (at wallet) para sa darating na long holy week vacation.

And I wouldn't even be at home then.. :)

I still have lots of things to finish at work for the next week. Almost halfway pa lng ako but the good part is that I am right on my personal schedule of deadlines. Madaming setbacks pero nakakaya naman. Sa ngayon kasi mejo napagsasabay sabay ko pa which is really surprising for me dahil I can't do that then.

I slept until 12pm today and I plan to sleep early para makkabawi ng isang linggong puyat.

DVDs and more DVDs lang ang plan ko until Sunday.

I wanna see Waterhorse. Sana bukas umalis family uli tapos makapanuod kami nun.

I just saw 10,000BC yesterday with my good friend, Ryan. (Na mas bitter pa saken haha)

"Production Design pa lang, bakla na." sabi nia. "Tapos may mga ganung costume pa sila na parang may paliga at kelangan ang national costume eh tarayan ang dating!" hahaha

Dammit, diet ako pero kumakain ako ngayon.
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Ugh, boredom.

Just another day in the office. Good thing I still came early.

It's been a while since I posted something here. There hasn't been anything interesting lately.

Just the regular work week since my first day here.

Last Sunday, the family went out. Dinner at Mang Inasal (Chicken Bacolod's still better, tho) and movie (Spiderwick). And that's about it.

Interesting week, right? haha

Ugh, boredom.
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