Monday, March 17, 2008

fast-forward please?

Meet the Spartans.

Majority of the film is from the movie 300, but additional scenes were mixed to hide the fact that the story and its humor is outdated.

It's soo bad that I bought another ticket to watch Step Up 2, just to make up for the wasted money.

Britney scenes were fun to watch, though.

Step Up 2.

At least this one had good dance sequences. Great dancers but poor actors.

By the end of the film, I forgot what the movie was about.

It's almost the same storyline as the first installment. A person's torn from her group to study dancing. Struggling at first, blah blah blah... actor gets expelled. But at the end, the antagonist realizes his mistake and knows what dancing is all about. Blah blah... And the climactic final showdown between the lead's former crew and the new team of outcasts from the school she thinks she now belongs.

I can't wait to get a DVD copy and just fast-forward the film to the last half of the movie.


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