Friday, March 14, 2008

Secret Recipe shouldn't be a secret

I was bored and wanted to go out but I didn't want to roam around the mall by myself, so I called my friend who had the biggest stomach (and wallet) and decided to try eating at Secret Recipe -- on his suggestion.

And as usual, my stomach, not to mention the scarcity of moolah I had in my wallet, was forced to handle the challenge.

This one boasts of its award-winning recipes, too bad though 'cause one the their chefs weren't available so we couldn't try some of their dishes. But the ones we had were good enough to really confirm that they had good food there.

This time I remembered what I ate hehe. Roasted chicken with Turmeric Sauce and the Chocolate Indulgence.

Check out their website.


Anonymous said...

That's my new comfort place...I like their Laksa and their Cheesecakes are just plain sinful.

I would've posted my blogger identity but i keep forgetting my not a techie you know and i also keep forgetting my screwed...i get to use that one when i get to the office on monday...until then im just plain anonymous

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