Friday, March 14, 2008

SSS Guy gone wild

Here I am at the SSS Bldg...again.

For what seemed like eternity, I, again, found myself standing at a line that looked like it had no end.

30 minutes passed.

1 hour.


I should have decided not to do this in the first place. That way, I didn't have to continue wasting my time here.


And then at last, after almost 2 hours of standing, I could see the light.

I was almost there with 5 guys standing before me. Waiting for our judgments.

The first guy just finished his business and looked like he was going to heaven.

Now, 3 guys stand before me. Yes, I can almost taste heaven.

I was in Utopia now. I was so excited I forgot my name.

I prepared my papers, ready to battle with the Bitchy Witch of the Counter.

And then there were two. After what I've gone through, this was the moment.

Suddenly, an attractive girl with boobs that could be mistaken for volleyballs entered the picture and asked the guy infront of me, "Manong, nagmamadali kasi ako. Pwede bang mauna na'ko sayo kasi nakapark ung sasakyan namin sa labas. Baka mahuli kami pag hindi ako nagmadali."

"That's why they invented parking lots, honey." I thought. And then I looked at the guy infront of me then looked at the long line behind me and told myself, 'He wouldn't dare.'

I saw the eyes of the ladies behind me. I've never seen such sharp glares.

"Sige po." was all I heard from the guy before my world crashed infront of me.

Yes, even with all the sudden uproar behind me, he let the temptation get ahead of him.

Tsk. After almost 2 hours of standing, this is what I get. A bad version of being a gentleman.

Maybe I should get disposable boobs for future purposes. What do you think?


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