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dream first date?

"JM, what's your dream first date?"

That's the text message I got from my friend, Francis, last night while I was on my way to the house coming from the gym.

Just out of nowhere. Tsk.

"Slum book? hehe D ko alam. Bsta sana ung (insert a very long explanation here that never really answered the

question...uhmm wait... eto... homaigad! My pamily is the most.. ). Ang haba tuloy ng sinabi ko. Y mo ask?" I replied.

"Wala naman. Gusto ko din kasi napapatawa ako kasi tahimik ako pag may date. Thanks for the insyt :) "

This got me thinking. Wala pala akong dream first date (or even a dream date).

Heck, I can't even tell what makes a date, a date. Though, I know, for that to happen, the basics should be applied.

Of course, I don't have a PhD on this so I can't be sure. (Just pure brain farts from too much reading plus a bit of experience hehe)

While a long list of those are considered, I only look for 3. A good, sincere person, a very engaging conversation, and the

connection (call it spark or chemistry or whatever) that should (or shouldn't) be established.

The rest are just a consolation.

But still, I don't have a definite answer to the question.

Maybe that's why.

"Tsaka pla, it'd be nice kung may something new. Para naman unforgettable tsaka binabalik balikan. Max's? hehe. Alam mo naman ako, memory gap. hehe" I replied.

I don't look for the big gestures. Just the one thing that makes it all worth it. :)

Ikaw, what's your dream first date?

pabili nga po..

I was about to hit the showers last night after working out when I discovered I forgot to bring my facial wash. So as soon as I placed my program in the bin, I went inside the locker room and took my wallet.

Went out of the gym and walked straight to the nearest mini-store.

Below the fitness center was a ministop. Unfortunately, they didn't have the type I was looking so I had to go to a another store.

(see photo above. I'm sure you know which store that is)

Surprisingly, wala silang kahit anong facial wash. I didn't even see anything that resembles it. Kahit anung brand man lang, wala. I would have settled for anything kaso talagang wala. I even asked the clerk and sabi wala.

And you call this a mart?!

Mas malaki sa Ministop and 7-11 pero walang kwenta. Puro junk foods pa.


Buti na lang I saw a suking tindahan at nakabili ako.

Got my P15 item and went back to take my shower.
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life's not that bad

If not for a forwarded mail sent by my college friend, Ana, my bad mood would have been the same for the rest of the week.

Thanks, Ana. :)

My heart melted the instant I saw the first photo.


Batman 2008: Can't wait!!

I can't wait to see this one. A few months ago, I posted this video in my Multiply page. Nauna ko pang napanuod ung I am Legend.

Tagal naman kasi ipalabas nito.
Too bad, Heath Ledger won't be seeing his last completed project.

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first time

I was eating in what looked like a fastfood chain with you, my parents and a few of our friends.

I was seated beside my mom and you beside dad.

Infront were our friends. Laughing at the jokes of each other while my parents were too busy eating their food.

And then suddenly, you stood up and went to sit beside me with those sorry eyes.

"Another chance?" you asked.

"Ganyan naman lage ang linya mo noon pa." I replied.

"I mean it every time I say it." you said without blinking.

"Hindi ko alam. Gusto ng puso ko pero ayaw na ng utak ko." I said.

"Please?" sabi mo with those wonderful eyes that never left my heart.

And then I smiled. Atleast it felt like it.

And then I saw you smile.

You leaned your head in the table.

All this time, the rest of the group were busy talking ang laughing.

Then you pouted your lips. Asking for a kiss.

I bowed and gave you one.

We both smiled.

And then, as if we never parted ways, we began talking again.

Laughing and telling stories while both of us were away from each other.

All of a sudden, I woke up.

My chest felt like 5 tons.

And then tears...

I realized this is the first time I've dreamt about you ever since we met.
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Crappy Saturday

Coming from the gym, I was on my way to meet my friends for our usual gimik night when I received a text message from a person whom I dated once.

'I may have hurt you. But now, you are the one hurting me. Even ten times stronger' or something to that effect. I was too pissed last night that I emptied my inbox.

I replied, "Ha? Dahil lang sa umiwas ako dahil hindi pa ako handa magkaroon ng kasunod. Ganyan na ibabalik mo sa'kin? Stop with the guilt trip. My life's fucked up as it is."

"D un guilt trip." sagot niya.

"So anu un? Umiwas ako dahil alam mong magulo ang buhay ko. Dahil ayoko pa masundan. Wag mong ipagdudukdukan na sinaktan kita. Kung ganyan lang din ang itetext mo sa'ken, might as well save your load. Magulo ang buhay ko." I texted.

"I was only playing the role of a friend. And yet to treat me as someone to defy. Cguro tama ka, I'll save up my load if in case handa ka ng magpatulong saken and I will wait for your reply. Gudnyt" (again, not exact verbatim)

For a person who was never there when I needed someone to cry on, how dare you?

Anung sinabi mo nung nabasa mo ung blog ko?

'I read ur blog. Sorry dahil nakikigulo pa ako....' I forgot the rest. Sabi ko okay lang. Hindi mo kasalanan.



You never bothered to ask me kung ok lang ako after that text.

It was as if I never existed.

Yan ba ang nagpplay ng role as a 'friend'?

Sorry, but the last time I checked, 'friends', like the one you claim to be, don't leave each other.

ESPECIALLY during times like that!

Spare me the 'I-hurt-you-ten-times-stronger' crap.

Nagpaparamdam ka lang kapag nakikita mo ung pangalan ko sa Multiply mo.

Nagpaparamdam ka lang kapag nakikita mo ung name ko sa phone mo.

Is that how you are as a 'friend'?

And again, everything you do is your the consequence of your choices. So If I may have hurt you, ikaw mismo nagdecide noon na i-risk yon.

Just like how I risked everything for you when we started going out last year until you told me you can not give me what I deserve.

We both agreed on that. Na hindi mo ako mabibigyan ng oras dahil madami kang ibang priorities. Or did you just forget?

Hindi ko tuloy masyadong na-enjoy ung gimik ko dahil dun.

Thank you soo much for doing that!
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From bad to worse

I went to Paseo Center today to have my polo resized. I bought it last year for a party but never got the chance to wear it because I changed my mind at the last minute.

The people from The Sewing Room and Alterations Specialist Co. are nice. Pinilit ko talaga sila na matapos agad ung pagreresize kasi I have to wear it the next day. They said I could have it by tomorrow. Sana talga, or else the P340 I have to pay them will be wasted.

And then after work, I met up with Ryan to have my hair done. 2 weeks ko na pinoproblema ung buhok ko. It has become a burden for me dahil everytime I get to the office, basang-basa na ako sa pawis, from all the riding and walking to Makati.

So, we scheduled an appointment with Bench Fix in Robinsons Galleria at 7pm (na sabi ni Ryan, 6:30pm. Apparently, para lang pla un hindi ako malate.)

Badtrip pa dahil nasingitan ako ng isang customer. Inuna pa siyang gupitan before me when I was almost an hour ahead of time than him. Kung hindi pa sinabihan ung girl sa may reception, hindi pa nila mapapansin.


Last time ko na talaga magpapagupit dun. I've had soo many bad memories there already.

Nakabawi na sana kasi ok naman ung outcome ng haircut (kahit na hindi nia man lang ako tinanong kung anung cut ang gusto ko. Bsta derecho na cia gupit agad sa'ken. Some stylist, huh?), ang isa pang ikinasama ng loob ko, lalagyan na lang ako ng wax, inuna pa ng stylist ung isang customer na babae. Nagsimula at natapos na ung ginupitan niyang babae, ako nakatunganga lang. Naghihintay na lang para ayusan.

I was about to call Ryan and tell him na umalis na kami dahil bwisit na bwisit na ako when the stylist came over and did what he had to do. In f*ckin' 2 minutes, naayos na ung buhok ko.

Ang saya, diba? Imbes na natapos na sana ako 30minutes ago, he had to do someone else's freakin' hair when he could have finished his business with mine para matapos na agad.


Okay na sana ung gupit dahil un ang dahilan kung bakit ako dumayo all the way from f*ckin' MAKATI but the experience was really terrible, I wouldn't risk having to go through with it ever again.

Bench Fix Robinson's Galleria just lost another customer.

(What's P225, anyway, right?) Sh*t!

After that, we looked for (what seemed like eternity. Thanks to Ryan!! hehe) a place to have dinner. From the top floor down to the ground, we ended up at Chef d' Angelo (Kung san kami unang galing).

Had our meals and then decided to go home after.

ok naman gupit, dba? :)

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Monkeys in the building!

Sometimes people are just plain stupid!!

I was on the elevator just now, coming from lunch with my friends, Janpol and Billy, trying to return to the office as quick as possible, when 3 guys entered.

I thought it was just one of those elevator trips I normally have. But no, when the 3 guys was about to get off the coach, I noticed all the buttons per floors were pressed, from 40th floor upto the 53rd!


They were even giggling when they stepped off.

All the remaining people in the elevator was soo pissed that one even shouted 'assh*les' to one of the guys.

I thought this only happens in less civilized places... not in Makati.

Clearly, the monkeys missed Respect 101 during kindergarten.

before & after

I'm serious now. I need to convert all of my extra flabs into muscles.

I saw this picture while I was browsing online.

Maybe I should take a before and after image, too?

photo from (a fitness first personal trainer in L'Derry)

Anyhoo, I was at the gym last night with my friend, Sen. (Ibababa ko na ulit ang level ko? hehe)
We've decided to take our workout seriously.

"Malaki na ba talaga na-gain ko?" I asked

Please say no!! I thought

"Magkaibigan tayo. Siyempre I'll tell you the truth. Hahaha" he said.


"Napakasweet mo tlga. Sana kunin ka na ni Lord." I replied.

"Ciempre. Friends tayo eh." he replied after laughing for 43years.

"Gusto mo simulan ko na?"

"Ang alin?" he said, confused.

"Ung pagpatay ko sayo." I tried not to laugh, even smile.

He laughed.


I should really take my workouts seriously. I have to get back in shape.

(it's cheaper to lose weight than to buy new clothes!)
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suka galore?

Last night turned out to be a very fun night. I met up with my friends, Jano, who I haven't seen for ages, and Ryan, who I only saw last week, and Jeland. I also met their former classmate, Gretch.

Suka Galore, Ate?! ahaha

Tambay lang sa Megamall ginawa nila buong hapon. Apparently, I was the last one to show up.

(Kasalanan ko ba kung ang work ko eh galing sa Makati?) :)

We had dinner at KFC and as usual, spotlight nanaman ang Ryan (with his nosebleeds and bloopers)

Ryan, minsan try nating lumusot? Un bang obvious na pero sinusubukan mo pa din kung makakalusot ka? eheh

Next time, sama na ako sa beach! Para naman lalong masunog ang sunog ko ng balat.

Back to work again for me... sana matuloy kami next week. :)
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Thanks, Bro!

Yan ang sumalubong sa'kin kahapon sa airport ng Cebu ng sinauli ng kapatid ko ang digicam sa'kin.

"Anu ba ung format?" tanong nia nung nakita niya ung galit sa mukha ko.

Tatanggalin lang daw niya dapat ung flash.

Flash at Format.


Ang saya dba?

3 days worth of pictures in Bohol and Cebu.

Baclayon Church. Chocolate Hills. Floating Restaurant. Tarsiers. Panglao Beach.

All gone.

Thanks, bro!

Da best ka tlga!

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After weeks of work, maybe I deserve a vacation. Too bad, it's still not paid. :(

But hey, atleast I get to be someplace else.

I soo need this vacation. Good thing I ain't paying. hehe

(I'll take a lot of pictures and crash Multiply's system. hehe)

Bohol, here I come! :)

(Whoa! Very original! haha -- ed)

Shut up.
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shut up, please?

My life is VERY private. (Emphasis on VERY. please)

Only a few people knows about me. Close friends whom I can trust.

It's so frustrating when you here people talking about you like they know anything about you.

Ok lang sana kung kaibigan mo, kaso hindi.

They hear details about your life from your friends and then suddenly, they assume like they know what makes you tick.

I try not to think about it but sometimes it just ruins my day.

To you, who's who's got nothing better to do than talking behind people's back, please, just shut up.

Go poop some place else, will you?
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I'll have none today

I was on my way to earning big bucks. Unfortunately, I haven't been true to the promise I made.

Lately, I have been VERY 'generous'. Especially to food establishments.


As soon as I started working here, I have kept records of all the expenses I've made and computed it against the salary I'm making. I was too conscious of each peso going out of my wallet then, but now, as embarassing as it is to admit, I am on my way to doubling all the expenses I've made since last month.

I really have to tighten my belt now, if I want to continue getting all I want, that is.

No more extra rice...please?! :)
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we're getting old...

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday after work. I initially wanted to go home early just to catch the replay of American Idol on QTV, but since Ramiele got booted out last week, I wasn't too excited to see the show anymore.

thought of having my hair trimmed , unfortunately the salon got fully booked for the entire night, so me and my friend ate dinner instead.

He wasn't feeling well the entire time, but I was used to him being 'the pa-importante,' so I wasn't paying attention until he said,

"May sakit ata ako."

"Ngayon mo lang narealize? Kanina ka pa mukhang na-coma." I said.

"Hindi. Sakit. As in, sakit." he replied.

I was confused. I think I knew what he meant but I wasn't sure, plus I didn't want to assume.

"Are you sure? When was the last time you did it?"

"With ****, kilala mo siya diba?" he asked, looking worried and confused himself.

I haven't met the person but I knew their story.

"Baka gusto mo dumalaw sa clinic?" I asked. I didn't know what to say.

This was usually not the picture when we're together.

We're almost always laughing our a** off when we meet. Talking about our day's adventures and people around us.

"Hindi na ako talaga makikipagsex." he said, with a hint of fear and desperation.

"Gagu! Umayos ka nga jan. Hindi mo pa nga sure kung anu yan tapos nagkakaganyan ka na. Remember how you met the person?" I replied.

"Oo na. Kasalanan ko na. Pero I did some research, symptoms na siya talaga." he said.

"Good dahil inaalam mo yan. Bad kasi sinisisi mo yung sarili mo. Anu pang magagawa ng pagsisisi mo? Gawan mo na lang ng paraan." I said.

"Fine... Mamamatay na ata ako." he SERIOUSLY said.

"Ungas! Gusto mo simulan ko na ngayon? Bibili na ako ng kutsilyo dyan sa hardware. Butter knife lang para mura." I said trying to cheer him up.

"Mapurol kaya yun. Ayoko maramdaman yung sakit. Ihambalos mo na lang ako sa pader. Dali!"

"E di papanget ka. Gudlak sa morge. Pahihirapan mo pa siyang pagmukhain ka uling tao."

"Sabagay. May point ka dyan." he said.

I can see he's trying to joke about it, hiding the fact that he's totally scared sh*t of what he'd find out after the medical exams.

"Wait lang. Tatawagan ko na ang Imbestigador ar Emegency. With my help, sisikat ka!" trying all efforts to make him laugh.

"Pwede. Bili muna tayo ng malaking tela para gawin kong hood at bangaw shades para hindi ako makilala."

"Sige sige. Try din natin ang Rated K at Agri-Siyete." I replied.

"Agri-Siyete?" he asked.

"Oo naman. Try natin kung pwede natin pagkakitaan yan."


This is soo not right. Us laughing at his dilemma.


Dati, problema lang namin ang isusuot at ang susunod na gimikan. Ngayon, ganitong klaseng problema na ang hinaharap namin.

We're getting old, my friend. Don't worry, I'll be there to support you. :)
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I'm ok now...

Much has been said regarding my previous post.

Just to clear things out, it was just a sudden burst of anger from what I've discovered.

I never wanted it to go that way.

Allow me to be immature sometimes naman. It's tiring to always be aware and careful of what I do and say. Allow me to slip naman a few times. It's not easy controlling everything, especially emotions.

I'm sorry about what happened. I wanted to remove the post but I can't anymore.

Understand a broken heart na lang.

And besides, I realized I shouldn't even be angry. I should feel happy for the person. Atleast, that person's moving on. :)

Thank you.

I'm Sorry

(Bear with me, guys. I just need to let this out.)

Akala ko hindi ako aabot sa ganito.
Akala ko, makakaya ko once na nalaman ko.
Salamat dahil sa huling pagkakataon, narealize kong, hindi ka pala dapat na inaalala pa.
Galit ako ngayon, pero pagkatapos nito, tanggap ko na.
Sobra sobra.
Hayaan mo na lang akong humingi ng tawad sa lahat ng pagkakamali ko.

I'm sorry dahil naniwala ako sa'yo.. kahit noong una pa.

I'm sorry dahil pumayag akong gaguhin mo.

I'm sorry dahil akala ko sineryoso mo ako.

I'm sorry dahil iniyakan kita.

I'm sorry dahil pumayag akong magpakontrol sa'yo.

I'm sorry dahil pinalampas ko ang lahat na dapat itinuon ko na lang sa iba.

I'm sorry dahil ikaw ang pinili ko noon.

I'm sorry dahil akala ko naiisip mo din ako.

I'm sorry dahil hanggang ngayon umiiyak ako dahil sa'yo.

I'm sorry dahil ako na lang pala ang umiiyak.

I'm sorry dahil sa blog na 'to pero hindi ko na talaga kinaya.

I'm sorry dahil pagkatapos nito, tapos na din ako sa'yo.
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siomai, big chill and krispy kreme

Start of the week.. again.

And surprise, surprise... there's nothing to be done for the day.


Upon opening my mail, there's a complete list of to-do until next week.


But hey, maybe this is what I need right now.

A diversion. From all the things that has been bothering me.

I went to a nearby store to get me some doughnuts. I was craving for Shark's Fin siomai, c/o 7th floor pantry but when I reached ground floor, I saw Krispy Kreme and went there instead.

Maybe I should change my morning routine.

Bought 2 original glazed and ate them inside the store.

Yummy, but wasn't what I really wanted.

I wasn't satisfied. I still craved for my siomai.


Ang gastos ko na!!

No wonder my belly's getting the size of a basketball.

I rushed back to the building and went straight to the pantry.

Bought my Mango Banana shake from Big Chill and waited for the crew from my suking siomai-yan.

Big Chill + Fried Shark's Fin.

Hayy... this feels much better.

Now I'm ready to start my day.

I just hope I don't get 'stomach ache' just like last time.
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I'm sorry

Nandito nanaman ako.

Umiiyak dahil sayo.

Umiiyak dahil may umiiyak nanaman.

Bakit ba ako lageng napupunta dito?

Sabi ko, d na ako magpapaiyak dahil ayoko nararanasan ng iba ang dinaranas ko.

Pero bakit ganito?

Kahit anung pilit kong umiwas, lagi na lang akong masisisi.

Lagi na lang ako ang magbibigay ng bad news.

Hindi ko naman ginusto.

Hindi ko naman hiniling.

Bakit ganito?

Kasalanan ko pa din.

Hindi ko na kaya.
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of dynamic rows and military presses

After 48 years of skipping the gym (not my fault, tho), I finally decided to go back and start lifting those weights.

Too bad 'cause I was on my way to having my desired body weight and form when I decided to quit my first job.

Then I had someone.

So working out came last of my priorities.

But now I'm gonna focus on this one since I have free time after work.

I just hope that I can achieve my goal.
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it hurts, more than you know..

I'm sorry that I hurt you.

I'm sorry that I won't let people in.

I'm sorry that I refuse to go.

And I'm sorry that I hurt other people.

What do you see in me?

You are someone while I am no one.

I don't deserve you.

Thank you for everything.
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 1 comments

Howcome u still have my heart?

Why do I still hold you in my heart?

I thought I moved on, but now, it seems pretty clear that I haven't even moved an inch away from you.

I thought I broke free.

I thought I could get away.

It's walking in circles.

Everytime I think I've passed your stage, I always fail.

And now it even hurts that more people are getting involved.

It even hurts that I know I hurt them by still holding on to you.

Please give me back my heart.
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