Friday, April 25, 2008

before & after

I'm serious now. I need to convert all of my extra flabs into muscles.

I saw this picture while I was browsing online.

Maybe I should take a before and after image, too?

photo from (a fitness first personal trainer in L'Derry)

Anyhoo, I was at the gym last night with my friend, Sen. (Ibababa ko na ulit ang level ko? hehe)
We've decided to take our workout seriously.

"Malaki na ba talaga na-gain ko?" I asked

Please say no!! I thought

"Magkaibigan tayo. Siyempre I'll tell you the truth. Hahaha" he said.


"Napakasweet mo tlga. Sana kunin ka na ni Lord." I replied.

"Ciempre. Friends tayo eh." he replied after laughing for 43years.

"Gusto mo simulan ko na?"

"Ang alin?" he said, confused.

"Ung pagpatay ko sayo." I tried not to laugh, even smile.

He laughed.


I should really take my workouts seriously. I have to get back in shape.

(it's cheaper to lose weight than to buy new clothes!)


kEwL_fUzZy said...

Yeah. u have a point there bro!.
its more convenient if you will workout than to buy more clothes. u can buy more pa, if ur toned and fit na. hehe. enwei, mas okay dw if ur having a workout in natural way than taking supplements. Do u agree with that?. But for me it depends on the type of the body you want to build up. Right?. ;)

**Just browsed your blogs bro and it seems nkarelate aq about your online diary.

- Vince -
from Alorica. if u remember ;)

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