Wednesday, April 30, 2008

dream first date?

"JM, what's your dream first date?"

That's the text message I got from my friend, Francis, last night while I was on my way to the house coming from the gym.

Just out of nowhere. Tsk.

"Slum book? hehe D ko alam. Bsta sana ung (insert a very long explanation here that never really answered the

question...uhmm wait... eto... homaigad! My pamily is the most.. ). Ang haba tuloy ng sinabi ko. Y mo ask?" I replied.

"Wala naman. Gusto ko din kasi napapatawa ako kasi tahimik ako pag may date. Thanks for the insyt :) "

This got me thinking. Wala pala akong dream first date (or even a dream date).

Heck, I can't even tell what makes a date, a date. Though, I know, for that to happen, the basics should be applied.

Of course, I don't have a PhD on this so I can't be sure. (Just pure brain farts from too much reading plus a bit of experience hehe)

While a long list of those are considered, I only look for 3. A good, sincere person, a very engaging conversation, and the

connection (call it spark or chemistry or whatever) that should (or shouldn't) be established.

The rest are just a consolation.

But still, I don't have a definite answer to the question.

Maybe that's why.

"Tsaka pla, it'd be nice kung may something new. Para naman unforgettable tsaka binabalik balikan. Max's? hehe. Alam mo naman ako, memory gap. hehe" I replied.

I don't look for the big gestures. Just the one thing that makes it all worth it. :)

Ikaw, what's your dream first date?


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