Monday, April 28, 2008

first time

I was eating in what looked like a fastfood chain with you, my parents and a few of our friends.

I was seated beside my mom and you beside dad.

Infront were our friends. Laughing at the jokes of each other while my parents were too busy eating their food.

And then suddenly, you stood up and went to sit beside me with those sorry eyes.

"Another chance?" you asked.

"Ganyan naman lage ang linya mo noon pa." I replied.

"I mean it every time I say it." you said without blinking.

"Hindi ko alam. Gusto ng puso ko pero ayaw na ng utak ko." I said.

"Please?" sabi mo with those wonderful eyes that never left my heart.

And then I smiled. Atleast it felt like it.

And then I saw you smile.

You leaned your head in the table.

All this time, the rest of the group were busy talking ang laughing.

Then you pouted your lips. Asking for a kiss.

I bowed and gave you one.

We both smiled.

And then, as if we never parted ways, we began talking again.

Laughing and telling stories while both of us were away from each other.

All of a sudden, I woke up.

My chest felt like 5 tons.

And then tears...

I realized this is the first time I've dreamt about you ever since we met.


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