Friday, April 25, 2008

Monkeys in the building!

Sometimes people are just plain stupid!!

I was on the elevator just now, coming from lunch with my friends, Janpol and Billy, trying to return to the office as quick as possible, when 3 guys entered.

I thought it was just one of those elevator trips I normally have. But no, when the 3 guys was about to get off the coach, I noticed all the buttons per floors were pressed, from 40th floor upto the 53rd!


They were even giggling when they stepped off.

All the remaining people in the elevator was soo pissed that one even shouted 'assh*les' to one of the guys.

I thought this only happens in less civilized places... not in Makati.

Clearly, the monkeys missed Respect 101 during kindergarten.


RM Bulseco said...

grabeh naman oohhh. HAHAHA. wala cgurong elevator sa kanila. kaya pagpasenxahan mo na mga unggoy na yun :)

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