Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pabili nga po..

I was about to hit the showers last night after working out when I discovered I forgot to bring my facial wash. So as soon as I placed my program in the bin, I went inside the locker room and took my wallet.

Went out of the gym and walked straight to the nearest mini-store.

Below the fitness center was a ministop. Unfortunately, they didn't have the type I was looking so I had to go to a another store.

(see photo above. I'm sure you know which store that is)

Surprisingly, wala silang kahit anong facial wash. I didn't even see anything that resembles it. Kahit anung brand man lang, wala. I would have settled for anything kaso talagang wala. I even asked the clerk and sabi wala.

And you call this a mart?!

Mas malaki sa Ministop and 7-11 pero walang kwenta. Puro junk foods pa.


Buti na lang I saw a suking tindahan at nakabili ako.

Got my P15 item and went back to take my shower.


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