Sunday, April 13, 2008

shut up, please?

My life is VERY private. (Emphasis on VERY. please)

Only a few people knows about me. Close friends whom I can trust.

It's so frustrating when you here people talking about you like they know anything about you.

Ok lang sana kung kaibigan mo, kaso hindi.

They hear details about your life from your friends and then suddenly, they assume like they know what makes you tick.

I try not to think about it but sometimes it just ruins my day.

To you, who's who's got nothing better to do than talking behind people's back, please, just shut up.

Go poop some place else, will you?


Anonymous said...

sino yang nang aaway syo... sabihin mo lang..ako bahala syo... pagtatanggol kita sa mga lintek na madadaldal na yan... - adt

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