Tuesday, April 8, 2008

siomai, big chill and krispy kreme

Start of the week.. again.

And surprise, surprise... there's nothing to be done for the day.


Upon opening my mail, there's a complete list of to-do until next week.


But hey, maybe this is what I need right now.

A diversion. From all the things that has been bothering me.

I went to a nearby store to get me some doughnuts. I was craving for Shark's Fin siomai, c/o 7th floor pantry but when I reached ground floor, I saw Krispy Kreme and went there instead.

Maybe I should change my morning routine.

Bought 2 original glazed and ate them inside the store.

Yummy, but wasn't what I really wanted.

I wasn't satisfied. I still craved for my siomai.


Ang gastos ko na!!

No wonder my belly's getting the size of a basketball.

I rushed back to the building and went straight to the pantry.

Bought my Mango Banana shake from Big Chill and waited for the crew from my suking siomai-yan.

Big Chill + Fried Shark's Fin.

Hayy... this feels much better.

Now I'm ready to start my day.

I just hope I don't get 'stomach ache' just like last time.


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