Thursday, May 29, 2008 9 comments

21 na lang

Last night was fun. I went out with Pao. We were supposed to watch Sex and the City at Rockwell. Knowing the movie's huge impact in the country, I took the liberty of calling the cinema before I went out of the office.

Only 17 tickets were available for the 7:35PM screening so I quickly got my things, shut down my noteboook and headed towards Powerplant. Kaso nung dumating ako, sold out na. Sayang. So I ended up buying tickets for 21 na lang dahil I hear it's good din.

Dahil wala pa si Pao, I went to fully booked to check up on some good authors and was surprised to see how much books cost there!

Kamustahin naman ang aking P120 versus FullyBooked's P350 book of the same title and author? Yikes!

Glad to know, BOOKSALE's around. :)

When Pao arrived, derecho na agad kami sa cinema. The movie's storyline is interesting. I liked the plot of the movie. Although at some point, it was a bit of a drag. I became conscious of the time.

(That's minus pogi points for the movie pa naman kapag naisip ng moviegoers kung anong oras na)

Tsk tsk.

First half of the movie was completely boring while the second half was good. But not good enough. Intriguing lang kasi you'd wonder how they can cheat millions of dollars just by counting cards in Blackjack.

After the movie, we went looking for a place to have dinner and ended up at Dencio's. Okay na sana kaso there was this one incident where the waiter requested na medyo umusog kami dahil may mga 'Atenista' daw na kakain.

While Pao became furious at the remark of the waiter, I was disappointed .

Hindi ko na lang pinansin para hindi ako mawalan ng gana.

Next on my list will be Sex and the City, Narnia and Kung Fu Panda. Tagal pa ng Wanted at Batman eh.

Sana may pera pa ako by then.

Kung wala, lilibre naman ako ni Ryan (na madaming madaming pera na ngayon kaya naiinggit ako. At never pa akong nilibre kaya makunsensya ka! haha) or ni Jano, or ni Jeland :)
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 6 comments

Happy day! :)

I was in the middle of panic because of the deadlines of my projects when my boss ym-ed me.

(Boss's YM ID): Hi JM, just want to let you know that I am fixing lang the paperwork but you will be regularised shortly. We are all terribly happy with your performance to-date. :)

(My YM ID): whoa?! terribly tlga? hehe thanks thanks!

(My YM ID): :D

(Boss's YM ID): absolutely! :D


In 3 months, I have proven to myself and to the company that I can be as competent as anyone, with or without experience.

My hands were still shaking from all the panic and the excitement combined.

If you only know how much I love doing my work, this is just a consolation. :)

(I was soo happy I saved the conversation and renamed it Happy!!.txt haha )
Sunday, May 25, 2008 9 comments

the boy's culture

Friday night was fun, eventhough I was so pissed before going out with my friends.

When I reached the club, I was a bit early because there weren't enough people yet. Met up with friends and then the party started.

Hang out, had a few drinks up to the point where I had to lean on my friends just so I could stand up straight. Medyo na-hotseat nanaman ako dahil sa friends ko. Pero ok lang, sanayan lang. hehe

I met someone new. Akalain mong may nakipagkilala pa sa hitsura kong 'to. haha Pero ok naman siya. Regular clubber din kaya magkikita pa din kami pagbalik ko dun next week.

I went home around 6am dahil nag-invite pa ung friends na magbreakfast kina Aling Su (Na masarap ang tapsilog, btw) at natulog pagdating sa bahay. Woke up at 12pm with a heavy ball inside my head.

At akala ko bahay lang ako buong araw ng Sabado, niyaya naman din ako manuod ng sine ni Ryan at as usual, nasense ko ang drama nia sa buhay. Kaya kahit na tinatamad ako, sumama na lang ako at nakibonding kay Ryan at, after ng movie, kay Jano na nasa cubao para magreview. Umuwe na medyo malakas ang ulan pagdating ng Nlex pero ayos lang dahil pauwe na din naman ako. May dalang pasalubong sa bahay.

Okay naman ung movie. Boy Culture. One of the indie films featured and shown in Robinson's Malls. It's about "a successful male escort's (X) tangled romantic relationship with his two roommates (Joey and Andrew) and an older, enigmatic male client.' (click here for details)

A film by Q. Allan Brocka, based from the novel of the same title written by matthew Rettenmund, I enjoyed the story and how the actor played his role. Lalo na ung complications ng relationship niya between his two roomates. The other one likes him while the other one loves him (whom he also secretly adores).

Weird lang ung isang scene where he had to have sex with one of his clients whom he has established a close relationship with. Medyo may edad na kasi ung client niya na un kaya it was so awkward for me seeing them having sex.

I saw myself in one of the characters (Andrew); although I can't explain why.

What I enjoyed about this film was that it wasn't just about their sexuality. It was about taking risks and standing by it. It's about decisions and accepting changes in your life.

I suggest watching the film. You won't regret it.

Nuod daw kami bukas ng Indiana Jones sabi ni Mama. Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi sa libre diba? hehe
Thursday, May 22, 2008 8 comments

Lunch at Pepper Lunch

I was eating my lunch when my boss saw me as she was passing by to go out for lunch din (akala ko lang pala un).

She was looking at me with questions in her eyes.

I answered by looking at her as if telling her what's up.

She said, "You ready?" while looking at what I was doing. (Holding the spoon and fork ready to kill.)

"Ready for what?" I asked. I didn't know what she meant.

"May meeting tayo. Lunch meeting with (company name)."

What? No one told me!!
And I look like hell! CRAP!

"What?" I told her (in my most calm but confused way).

"No one informed you?" she asked.

"Wala." And then, I looked at my food. I haven't even finished half of it.


I left the food at the fridge and hurried back to my table to get my stuff before meeting them at the exit.

When I met them at the elevator, I was still thinking about the food when my boss mentioned Pepper Lunch as the venue for the meeting.

I kinda turn around to hide the smile I had. Lunch at (the newly opened) Pepper Lunch in Rockwell? Free?

'This is my day!!' I thought.

I get to do what I love doing, meet various people AND enjoy free food!

Originally from Japan, Pepper Lunch, is a chain of DIY (do-it-yourself) steakhouse restaurants. They just opened in Rockwell, Makati this month.

I was expecting the usual 'waiter comes in and gives me the menu,' but this was different. We ordered at the counter and waited for the food to arrive.

The food comes sizzling on the *special hot iron plate with a strip of paper (to prevent you from accidentally touching the hot iron plate, plus it includes instructions how to enjoy the food). The good thing about it is that it allows you to 'cook' your food (beef, chicken, pork or salmon) the way you want it: rare, medium or well-done.

For meatlovers like me, this is magic!

Hindi ko masyadong nagustuhan yung naorder ko but I will definitely come back to try other dishes.

A bit pricey for the average pinoy, but I still suggest everyone to try their food.

*(from their website) With its unique design patented in Japan, the iron plate is part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch. Using a special electromagnetic cooker also patented in Japan, the iron plate will heat up to 260C in 70 seconds and remain hot (approximately 80C) for more than 20 minutes. Meat grilled at this ideal high temperature, remains tender and juicy. The plate keeps food warm for a longer time and customers can enjoy the full flavor of the dish.

American Idol Season 7 winner
: David Cook!!

Congratulations, David! :)
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 3 comments

Which David?

Which David?

Song Choices:

David Cook
1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2)
2. Dream Big
3. World I Know (Collective Soul)

David Archuleta
1. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John)
2. Here I Am
3. Imagine

Who goes home with the title?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5 comments

Mundo ni Mario

(Play music) *hindi ako masyadong mahilig mag embed ng music lately*
I was on the MRT last night when I saw this kid playing Mario Bros. with his gameboy.
Looking at him, I saw myself when I was his age, playing like no one was around. Enjoying all the simple things life offered.

I remember playing this classic game (from Family computer to NES!) when I was his age, arguing with my brother on who gets to play first and who has the best collection of items. Lageng siya ang nananalo kasi madami siyang reserve na leaf at flowers, not to mention the freakin' whistle na sa isang world ko lang nakikita na dalawa pala talaga!

My favorite world was the third. Water land. Kasi nakakatuwa na kaya niyang magblast ng fireballs underwater. Or pwede kang magtransform into a frog, kaso mahirap kapag nasa land ka na ulit.

Tapos gusto ko din ung Tanooki Suit that gives Mario the power to transform into a statue para maignore siya ng koopas. Tsaka ung P-Wing na favorite item ko dahil lilipad na lang ako until I reach the end of the stage, B lang ang pinipindot ko lage.

Naisip ko, sana ganito din minsan ang buhay. Simple, walang komplikasyon.

Kapag may kaaway, kumain ka ng flower tapos batuhin mo sila ng fireballs, may kasamang change costume pa.

Kapag gusto mong tumakas sa kalaban, tumalon ka lang ng mataas, hindi ka na nila mapapansin. Or apakan mo lang sila, ligtas na.

May flag na signal na tapos na ang stage. Pero, kung nagustuhan mo ang adventure, pwede mong ulitin kung may warp ka, or pumasok ka sa pipes at babalik ka sa kabilang world. Kapag namatay ka, pwede kang bumalik sa stage na yun dahil madami ka pang lives (courtesy of the turtle in the end of stage 3).

May save button, para kapag nagkaproblema, hindi mo na siya maeexperience ulit.

May leaf kung gusto mong tumakas sa lahat ng problema mo sa buhay.

May powerups everywhere... iuntog mo lang ang ulo mo sa bawat bloke (pero hindi sana masakit after).

May mushroom para kung may bully, isang kain lang, doble na ang laki mo. (Liliit ka nga lang uli kapag tinamaan ka. Dapat may reserve na mushroom, or flower na lang para bagsak agad ang kalaban)

May mga bonus round everytime you finish a stage. Lalo na ung cards na ipe-pair mo lang, may instant free items ka na. Or ung matching stage na parang ad ng Ugly Betty na ihihilera mo ang pictures para maging figures ng mushroom, star or fire. May free lives pa kapag tama ka. Kaso laging mushroom ung akin na may koronang star. Ok lang, atleast may one life ako.

Simple ang buhay nina Mario at Luigi. Nagugulo lang kasi si Princess Toadstool laging pa-bida at nagpapahuli kay Bowser na paa lang ang gumagalaw lagi). May nalalaman pa siyang mga sulat sa dulo ng world. (Buti na lang bumabawi siya sa free items.)

Sana ganun din kasimple ang buhay ko minsan.
Kapag malungkot, restart lang at babalik ako sa simula para ayusin ulit.

Morning sickness

I was browsing online profiles when I landed on one that played this song.

(press play na lang.)

I suddenly stopped reading the profile and listened to the song.
And then I smiled.

I miss being in love.
I miss the constant texts and calls.
The smiles that I remember before I sleep at night.
The face I see every morning.

The hands that hold my heart.
The hugw that kiss my soul.
The worries I feel when I'm not beside.


Umagang umaga, ganito agad ako.
Ikakain ko na nga lang 'to.
Friday, May 16, 2008 4 comments

Prom: denied!

I was on my usual websurf mode when I happen to land on a site featuring a high school student, Marche Taylor, that was denied access to attend her senior prom because of what she was wearing.

She only got as far as the lobby and even made a scene when she was denied entrance to the said event until the police came. Fortunately, she wasn't charged and was released eventually.

Si ate naman kasi, ano ba kasi ang theme ng prom? Pagtitipid sa tela?

Hala sige, ibalandra pa.

ayan na si manong guard.
Kawawa naman ang date.

Taylor and friend (buti pa siya, sagana sa tela)

whole body shot naman.

While I don't question this girl's intentions of looking great in her senior prom, I think this is pushing the envelope waaayyy too much. Although, I agree to some of the comments that calling the police (and the handcuffs) was over the top, the girl should have had a spare dress just in case something like this happen.

(Attending events, one should at least have an idea of the proper way to dress and how long can he/she stretch the rules)

Much is to blame on the influence the entertainment industry has on kids. And while that remains subjective, I must ask, how did this get past her parents?

to read about the story, click here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 6 comments

AI7 Top 3

Maaga ako umuwe kahapon. Sinamahan ko ung officemate ko para magpaprint ng 2x2 picture nia galing sa phone (na kuha lang sa office namin).

Pagdating sa bahay, muntik ko ng makalimutan na AI pala kagabi kaya binuksan ko agad ung TV para mapanuod.

After watching it, I was almost sure that Syesha will be voted off today. Kasi naman ang manong Randy Jackson, may nasabing hindi masyadong maganda. Hindi niya siguro sinasadya kaso nasabi nia na parang hanggang Top 3 na lang si Syesha. Tapos si Simon naman both Davids ang sinabihang makakapasok sa final 2.

So I guess, tanggap na dapat ni Syesha na isa na siya sa ilang finalists na makakalimutan na ng mundo unless magkaroon siya ng hit album gaya ni Daughtry or Tamyra.

My favorite performances were Syesha's If I ain't got you and Archuleta's Longer.

If both Davids face each other on the finale, I think Cook wins season 7. Archuleta's very good (my personal bet actually) but with the issues surrounding him (being gay and his father being a stage dad), plus Cook's winning streak in the last few weeks, he'll have a hard time snatching the trophy from Cook.

Yikes!! I just saw the results from my friend's multiply page. I'm right. Syesha Mercado is voted off.

David and David in the finale! This should be interesting! :)
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 6 comments

Workout muna

As usual, I did my Tuesday workout routine yesterday after work.

(Lost another pound. Woohoo!!)

Saw a cutie (na walang ginawa kundi uminom ng tubig every set). Followed my program and added a few sets (just in case I lose extra pounds later... only to disappoint me)

And then when I entered the locker area, I saw myself in the mirror.

I'm seeing the results of my workout. Not too much pero I see changes.
And bigla biglang nainspire ako to continue what I'm doing.

And then I remembered a few months ago, people (some even call themselves my friends) telling me na wala akong pag-asa pumayat.
Na sablay na nga sa mukha, sablay pa sa katawan.
Na walang pupuntahan ang pagworkout ko dahil hindi naman mag iimprove ang katawan ko.

In a few months, they will see me again.
I'll make them eat their words.
I will make sure of that.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 2 comments

eksena daw

"Masyadong eksena" sagot ko.

"Eh ganun naman ako dba? Bagay lang sa personality ko. Eksenadora din." sagot ng kalbong Ryan.

Pag uusap namin ni Ryan habang namimili kami ng damit nia para sa bday party ng ex ko (friends kasi sila, courtesy of moi). Brusko pink daw kasi ang theme.

"Ayan, kaya walang umeeksena sa lovelife mo kasi masyado ka daw eksenadora. Eh gusto nila ung low profile lang." sagot ko.


Pati utak niya nawala nung nagpakalbo siya.

"Wala. Maghanap na lang tayo." sabi ko.

Nasa Gateway kami kagabi at naikot na namin buong mall kakahanap sa pink na damit na isusuot niya. May pagkacolor blind siya kagabi kasi lahat ng maganda, kahit hindi orange, hinahablot niya sa rack.

"Eto, pink ba 'to?" tanong niya.

"Hala. Tingnan mo ung nasa tag," sabay hagilap sa tag ng shirt na nakita niya. "Beige." sabi ko.

"Uhm.. Beige Pink?" pamimilit niya.

"Uhmm.. corny?" sagot ko.

At halos gabihin na kami sa paghahagilap ng pink niya na damit. Hanggang sa dumating kami sa Celio sa ground floor.

"Eto, ganda ng statement. " sagot niya nung makita niya ung pink na shirt. Sinukat at mejo malaki ang size. Wala ng small.

(Sayang, hindi ko nakuhanan para makita nio din.)

Wala na siyang choice kundi bilhin dahil baka mawala pa un. Last stock na DAW. At sa pag aakalang may pera na siyang dala, pinaikot ikot niya uli ako sa mall makahanap lang sa ATM machine.

Pagbalik namin sa Celio, may gusto pa siyang ihirit.

"May ibang stock pa kaya sila sa ibang branch nila? Tanong ko kaya?" hirit niya sa akin.

"Anu ba? Magsasabi ba sila sa'yo na meron, eh di nawalan sila ng benta." sagot ko.

"Hindi naman siguro sila ganon."

Nagpumilit pa siya. Ayaw patalo hanggang sa tinanong nga ang crew sa may cashier.

"Sir, wala na po kahit sa ibang branch eh." sagot nung crew.

Napangiti ako.

Dahil mura ung damit, natuwa siya. Ang problema, gagastusin niya ung extra budget niya para ipa-alter ung damit niya.

Napamura siya dahil akala niya napamura na siya.

Umuwe na ako pagkatapos nun dahil kailangan ko pang bumili ng regalo kay Mama. Late Mother's day gift.

Since nagrequest ang kapatid ko na cake na lang daw, un na lang binili ko.

Pagdating sa bahay, nagulat pa sila dahil may dala ako. (Bihira kasi ako mag-uwe ng pasalubong.)

Sakto dahil dinner time. After a few hours (parang nagbihis nga lang ako), nagulat ako dahil 1/4 na lang ang natira sa cake.

Hindi pa ako nakakakain. Hiniwalayan pala ako ng part ni Mama.

Sweet and thoughtful. Mana sa'kin si Mama. :)
Sunday, May 11, 2008 4 comments


How does it feel when you're so sad you want to cry but for some unknown reason you can't?

It hurts so much I want to give up.


I'm stuck..again.
Saturday, May 10, 2008 1 comments

Last lunch

Dahil sa Friday at wala naman masyadong projects required to complete for the day, sumama na lang ako maglunch out kasama ang friends kong sina Billy at Janpol.

At para maiba naman daw, sa building naman daw ni Janpol dahil madalas, sa garden (building) ni Billy kami lage. Kasi naman, marathon ang layo ng building ni Janpol kaya hindi namin naiiisipang dun tumambay ng lunch.

Pero since mukhang ok naman ang araw, pumayag kami. (Na pinagsisisihan namin ni Billy dahil bumalik kami ng office na parang wala ng kinain sa haba ng nilakad, not to mention the sun na masyadong maligalig at todo mudmod ng sinag!)

Pagdating namin ng building, ang Janpol ay missing in action. Pagdating niya, biglang nagyaya na sa Glorietta daw kami kumain. (May totoong dahilan kung bakit dun.)

Walkathon uli. Sumosobra na ang vitamins na nakukuha ko from the sun. At naipawis ko na din ang tubig sa katawan ko since last year dahil sa init. Isama mo pa na may sinusundan kami na type ni Janpol kaya kung san daw sila kakain, dun din kami.

"Gusto ko magtimezone." sabi ni Janpol. Ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit kami nasa Glorietta.

Todo sunod kami sa cutie hanggang sa naggive up kami dahil puro lakad ang ginawa ng cutie. We ended up at Wendy's G4. Surprisingly, dun din pala ang kain ng cute. Kaso takeout sila dahil they're going to watch a movie pala.

"Treat ko kayo dahil hindi ko kayo mapapapunta dito kung hindi. Lalo na si Billy." sabi ni Janpol

Music to my ears!

Bihira pa man din manlibre ang JP.

After eating, lumabas kami to smoke (sila lang) at dahil may dala akong digicam, picture muna.

Then straight to Timezone na. Basketball tapos there's this game sa may entrance. Malaking monkey tapos you have to hold the bar beside its hands tapos see kung makakaya mo ung intensity ng vibrations.

I had to release after a few minutes dahil sobrang masakit na sa kamay. Parang kinukuryente na ung dating. At ang mga kasama ko, todo picture lang.

Sweet friends, no?

Tapos may nakita kaming dalawang batang in full blast na kinakarir ang Dance Mania. Kaya ang Janpol, gusto ata matuto ng moves sa kanila, kinuhanan ng video!

Sa mga magulang ng mga batang ito, what happened? hehe

At dahil lunch time lang un, we had to get back to the office na kinakatakutan namin ni BIlly dahil napakalayo ng buildings namin.

Next time, no more lunch out in Glorietta. Nawala din ang kinain ko sa kalalakad. haha
Friday, May 9, 2008 1 comments

Happy Mother's Day, Ma :)

"Gising na."

Ang unang mga salitang naririnig ko halos araw-araw noong nag-aaral pa ako. Lalo na dahil sa probinsya ako nakatira, ilang oras ang nauubos ko makapasok lang sa school ng sakto sa oras. Pero iba ngayon.

"Ok." sagot ko.

Pero hindi natatapos dun ang trabaho niya. Dahil pagkagising ko, habang naliligo, naghahanda na siya ng pagkain para sa agahan.

Pati ang baon namin sa school, hinahanda na niya.

"Tapos nko maligo." sasabihin ko sa kanya.

Mag iinit ng tubig para sa 2 ko pang kapatid dahil yelo sa init ang tubig sa umaga sa amin.

Magbibihis ako at pipilitin niyang gisingin ang bunso namin na mas adik pa sa akin matulog. Challenge ang gisingin ang batang un.

Habang kumakain ako at habang naliligo ung pangalawa at ginigising niya ung bunso. Dumating para kamustahin ako.

"Nakain mo ba ung pagkain kagabi?" tanong niya sa akin.

"Oo. Nakain mo pa ba ung half mo?" tanong ko.

"Hindi na. Hiningi ni Mark eh."

So hindi nanaman siya kumain ng pasalubong ko dahil sa kapatid ko.

Pagkatapos maligo ng kapatid ko, aasikasuhin niya naman ang bunso at ganoon ang eksena hanggang sa kakain na si Sandy.

"Hatid ko muna mga kuya sa sakayan. Kain ka lang jan ah?" sasabihin niya sa bunso namin.

Tahimik lang sa byahe. Halatang inaantok dahil late na siya natulog.

Magkukwentuhan saglit at babalik sa bahay para bihisan ang bunso hanggang sa dumating ang maghahatid sa school sa kanya.

Araw-araw ganito ang eksena sa amin. Wala siyang reklamo. Walang pagtanggi sa trabahong tinanggap niya noon pa.

Pero sa araw na iyon, may isang pagbabago.

Nagkatampuhan kami ni Mama nung isang gabi. Tampuhan na umabot sa sigawan.

Pero kinabukasan, parang walang nangyari.

Hindi ko makakalimutan ang araw na yon. Isa sa mga araw na naramdaman ko ang pagmamahal niya ng tuluyan.

Ganyan magmahal ang nanay ko. Simple pero hahanap-hanapin mo ang pag-aasikaso niya. Walang hinihinging kapalit. Walang hinihinging kahit konti basta para sa amin.

Kahapon umuwe sila ng gabi nila Papa.

"San kayo galing?" tanong ko kay Sandy (bunso namin).

"Inawardan si Mama. Excellent." sabi niya.

"Anung excellent?" tanong ko.

"Bsta excellent. hehe" sagot niya tapos pinakita niya ung medal na nakuha ni Mama sa simbahan.

"Ahh excellence!" sabi ko nung mabasa ko ung nakaengrave sa medal.

Excellence for Community Service.

Si Mama kasi ang naghahandle ng church activities sa amin.

Napangiti ako.

Yan ang nanay ko. Bida na sa bahay. Bida pa sa buong subdivision. :)

To the most important woman in my life, Happy Mother's Day, Ma!
I couldn't ask for a better mom than you.

nabasa tuloy ako

I went to the gym last night to do my usual workout program.
My body's still aching from last Tuesday's workout kaso walang choice kundi ipagpatuloy ang nasimulan.

Plus it's raining outside so no choice talaga.
Nakikisukob lang ako lage dahil ayokong nagbibitbit ng umbrella.
Too much hassle.

Sen wasn't able to come dahil na din sa ulan.
Inanod cguro ng baha ung apartment nia. eheh

Atleast makakapagconcentrate ako ngayon sa pagworkout dahil mag isa lang ako.
Sayang, may cute pa naman. Wala akong mashare-an ng info.

Workout. Shower. Then lumabas na ako ng gym para umuwe.
Iniiwasan ko pa naman mabasa ung damit ko dahil sa ulan pero pagbaba ko sa jeep, ayun.



Nabasa na ung sneakers ko, pati pantalon nadamay.

Buti na lang malapit na bahay.
Thursday, May 8, 2008 4 comments

David's best one

Just saw AI7 last night and David Archuleta was so amazing. Syesha gave a stunning second performance as well.

Personally, I think this is his strongest performance. I haven't seen him perform this good since his first 2 renditions during eliminations.

Freakin' effortless!
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 0 comments

just keep swimming

I went to the gym last night. And stepped on the scale to see how much weight I've lost (or gained...sigh).

I was 138 when I started working out again after 5 months of rest (I was 125 freakin' pounds then. Grr..)

Hmm.. I was 136.5 last week. I'll start from there. I thought.
I adjusted the weights. The pointer should hit the middle.
130? the metal went straight up! (Nag aambisyon lang po) hehe
136lbs ... oopps bumaba. Smile!
135lbs.. bumaba pa din? Big Big Big smile!!

I like this scale!! I'll take this scale home! I told myself.


I lost 2.5lbs since last week and I haven't even started working out yet.

Gawd, that felt soo good!

I don't care how little I lose, as long as I'm losing weight consistently.

Six packs abs, we'll be together again soon :)
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 0 comments

star margarine boy!

I'm usually the quiet type. The one who just sits there watching people around.
Minding my own business and doing the things expected of me.
Walang masyadong reklamo.

Tahimik lang madalas sa work.
But today's different.

I got another compliment from work because of what I did.

Naalala ko utloy nung grade school, may itatatak na star sa hands mo every time you did something good.

Tapos pag uwe ko, parang pinaglaruan ko lang ung ink pad kasi kumalat na sa kamay at uniform ko ung ink kaya magagalit si Inday kasi panibagong problema sa labahin.

Pero nakangiti naman kasi si Mama kaya hindi ko pinapansin.

Sometimes just one compliment can REALLY make my day. :)
Monday, May 5, 2008 0 comments


Lately, I've had my work load reduced to a few since I am waiting for results and feedbacks regarding my recent projects. It was a bit of a drag and kinda fun!(seriously) while they were in progress as I had to be really (and by that I meant every l e t t e r) focused on each of them.

By the way, help me increase traffic on my projects.
Text PARESHELP to 2375.
Just in case you have credits to spare :)
Sige na, please? (puppy dog eyes)

Anyway, now that I'm waiting for the outcome, I have some free time to browse and read items online (especially blogs).

I saw blogs of the people I really admire --physically and mentally. I got to know some of them a little bit more. And surprisingly, I felt connected to most of what they write about.

But one blog really caught my attention.

I felt nothing of the usual I'm-a-model-so-start-kissing-my-ass aura I get whenever this person's around. It was as if they were two completely different beings. I felt depth. I felt a certain loneliness and crave for love while reading the pages of the person's life. The sort that you can only know from experience.

It's something I am going through right now. Though not as hardcore as it used to be.

First impressions really doesn't count. I thought of the golden model whenever this person's around. The visible envy in my eyes you can almost feel. But now that I got a glimpse of the life around this person, I felt pity.

Pity that lost love can never be found again.
Pity that love can never be found through constant one night stands.
Pity that love can lead to a crave for attention.

I hope this person finds it soon. I really do.

Now off to the next blog. --->
Sunday, May 4, 2008 0 comments

sunod-sunod nanaman?

I did it again!

I went clubbing for 2 consecutive nights.


I promised myself I'd control my crave for parties. Buti na lang, nag enjoy ako both nights. Masakit lang sa ulo kasi kulang lage tulog. Next week, I'll resume the once-a-week clubbing.

Friday night, I was with my friends DJ, Joffer, JP and Billy.

Saturday night, I was with the gang plus JP. Too bad Jake, Denz, Ryan, Emman and Lowe weren't there too.

Had a blast! One of the more memorable nights there kasi tawa lang kami ng tawa.

For more photos, click here <------
Saturday, May 3, 2008 0 comments

director sister

Since May1 was a holiday for most people (including me), instead of going out, I've decided to take some rest and try being at home for a change.

Good thing, I've got a good book with me to kill time and boredom.

My sister was taking pictures of herself using my phone. She also took photos of my TV, the sides of my bed, my pillows, and pretty much everything including me.

She likes taking photos of weird looking things and asks you to identify each picture.

"Kuya, spot the difference kunwari. hehe" she said showing these 2 photos of myself.

Silly. :)

And then after hours of reading, I decided to rest, placed the book beside me and closed my eyes until I fell asleep.

Hindi pa din ako nakatakas sa kapatid ko. Kinuha niya pala ung libro at pinatong sa mukha ko tapos kinuhanan pa din ako ng picture.

When I woke up, she said "Kuya, ang bilis mo magising. Dapat tatakpan pa kita ng dyaryo para kunwari may namatay."

Lino Brocka, meet my 11-year old sister.
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