Saturday, May 3, 2008

director sister

Since May1 was a holiday for most people (including me), instead of going out, I've decided to take some rest and try being at home for a change.

Good thing, I've got a good book with me to kill time and boredom.

My sister was taking pictures of herself using my phone. She also took photos of my TV, the sides of my bed, my pillows, and pretty much everything including me.

She likes taking photos of weird looking things and asks you to identify each picture.

"Kuya, spot the difference kunwari. hehe" she said showing these 2 photos of myself.

Silly. :)

And then after hours of reading, I decided to rest, placed the book beside me and closed my eyes until I fell asleep.

Hindi pa din ako nakatakas sa kapatid ko. Kinuha niya pala ung libro at pinatong sa mukha ko tapos kinuhanan pa din ako ng picture.

When I woke up, she said "Kuya, ang bilis mo magising. Dapat tatakpan pa kita ng dyaryo para kunwari may namatay."

Lino Brocka, meet my 11-year old sister.


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