Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy day! :)

I was in the middle of panic because of the deadlines of my projects when my boss ym-ed me.

(Boss's YM ID): Hi JM, just want to let you know that I am fixing lang the paperwork but you will be regularised shortly. We are all terribly happy with your performance to-date. :)

(My YM ID): whoa?! terribly tlga? hehe thanks thanks!

(My YM ID): :D

(Boss's YM ID): absolutely! :D


In 3 months, I have proven to myself and to the company that I can be as competent as anyone, with or without experience.

My hands were still shaking from all the panic and the excitement combined.

If you only know how much I love doing my work, this is just a consolation. :)

(I was soo happy I saved the conversation and renamed it Happy!!.txt haha )


PrincheCHA Fiona said...

Congrats!!! :)

Asan na ang chizburger?!!!! :p

Dabo said...

ei.. congrats!

... said...

congrats JM, dalawang burger na utang mo sak'n. =p

my-so-called-Quest said...

congrats congrats!
libre naman jan o! heheh

bago ata layout?


JM said...

princhecha fiona: idedeliver na lang daw. hintayin mo ng 03:45:35PM kasi kapag wala ka daw ng gnung oras, wala ka makukuha.

dabo: thanks! :)

mel: burger ba ung isa? hehe ok ka na sa isa. may a la king ka na eh! hehe

ced: hehe binago ko para mas spacious.

Anonymous said...

Huwow! Congrats!

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