Monday, May 5, 2008


Lately, I've had my work load reduced to a few since I am waiting for results and feedbacks regarding my recent projects. It was a bit of a drag and kinda fun!(seriously) while they were in progress as I had to be really (and by that I meant every l e t t e r) focused on each of them.

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Sige na, please? (puppy dog eyes)

Anyway, now that I'm waiting for the outcome, I have some free time to browse and read items online (especially blogs).

I saw blogs of the people I really admire --physically and mentally. I got to know some of them a little bit more. And surprisingly, I felt connected to most of what they write about.

But one blog really caught my attention.

I felt nothing of the usual I'm-a-model-so-start-kissing-my-ass aura I get whenever this person's around. It was as if they were two completely different beings. I felt depth. I felt a certain loneliness and crave for love while reading the pages of the person's life. The sort that you can only know from experience.

It's something I am going through right now. Though not as hardcore as it used to be.

First impressions really doesn't count. I thought of the golden model whenever this person's around. The visible envy in my eyes you can almost feel. But now that I got a glimpse of the life around this person, I felt pity.

Pity that lost love can never be found again.
Pity that love can never be found through constant one night stands.
Pity that love can lead to a crave for attention.

I hope this person finds it soon. I really do.

Now off to the next blog. --->


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