Wednesday, May 7, 2008

just keep swimming

I went to the gym last night. And stepped on the scale to see how much weight I've lost (or gained...sigh).

I was 138 when I started working out again after 5 months of rest (I was 125 freakin' pounds then. Grr..)

Hmm.. I was 136.5 last week. I'll start from there. I thought.
I adjusted the weights. The pointer should hit the middle.
130? the metal went straight up! (Nag aambisyon lang po) hehe
136lbs ... oopps bumaba. Smile!
135lbs.. bumaba pa din? Big Big Big smile!!

I like this scale!! I'll take this scale home! I told myself.


I lost 2.5lbs since last week and I haven't even started working out yet.

Gawd, that felt soo good!

I don't care how little I lose, as long as I'm losing weight consistently.

Six packs abs, we'll be together again soon :)


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