Friday, May 16, 2008

Prom: denied!

I was on my usual websurf mode when I happen to land on a site featuring a high school student, Marche Taylor, that was denied access to attend her senior prom because of what she was wearing.

She only got as far as the lobby and even made a scene when she was denied entrance to the said event until the police came. Fortunately, she wasn't charged and was released eventually.

Si ate naman kasi, ano ba kasi ang theme ng prom? Pagtitipid sa tela?

Hala sige, ibalandra pa.

ayan na si manong guard.
Kawawa naman ang date.

Taylor and friend (buti pa siya, sagana sa tela)

whole body shot naman.

While I don't question this girl's intentions of looking great in her senior prom, I think this is pushing the envelope waaayyy too much. Although, I agree to some of the comments that calling the police (and the handcuffs) was over the top, the girl should have had a spare dress just in case something like this happen.

(Attending events, one should at least have an idea of the proper way to dress and how long can he/she stretch the rules)

Much is to blame on the influence the entertainment industry has on kids. And while that remains subjective, I must ask, how did this get past her parents?

to read about the story, click here.


Dabo said...

thanks sa comment bro... hope to read similar entries on your blog.. cheers!


Dabo said...

my take on this: this is what you called hollywodization..

. said...

ok lang naman yung damit niya ah... May style naman kahit paano.

... said...

I think she's fabulous. It's a prom, not communion. =p

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