Sunday, June 8, 2008

drunken master

Yesterday was one of those days na parang ang daming nangyari ng hindi mo aakalaing aabot lang ng ilang oras.

Last week pa plan (ni Ryan) na lumabas kami -- Ako, Kerwin, Ryan, Jeland and Janno -- para magmovie marathon since 2 movies ang halos sabay nagpalabas. Narnia and Kung Fu Panda.

I've seen the first installment of Narnia and I got hooked instantly. Parang Harry Potter series lang although I haven't read any of the 7 books of the Chronicles of Narnia. Siguro it's time to get copies and read them na din para hindi nahuhuli sa trend. hehe

Maagang nagkita sina Ryan at Kerwin para magreview sa Starbucks 6750 (kahit na alam kong si Kerwin lang magrereview at si Ryan eh magccruise lang sa paligid). Tapos dumating naman si Jannoe then si Jeland (bagong binyag na party animal haha). Nung dumating ako, akala ko darating pa ung girl friend ni Janno at Ryan, si Greta kaso hindi na daw tumuloy kaya ako na lang pala hinihintay nila.

We went straight to Glorietta to get tickets at medyo nag aalala na kami dahil ang daming tao.

(me, Jeland and Janno habang naghihintay makabili ng ticket sina Ryan and Kerwin)

Buti na lang at maaga kami sa pila (free seating kasi) at nakapasok agad. Sadly, hindi masyadong maganda ung place namin dahil nasa harap kami. Na twing gumagalaw ung characters from left to right, pati ulo namin sumusunod sa kanila.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The story continues after 1300 years in Narnia (only a year in our present time) with Narnia being almost conquered by Telmarines. Planning to take the crown for himself, Miraz takes matters into his own hands by trying to assasinate Prince Caspian only to fail. Caspian, aided by his professor, escapes into to forrest where he meets Narnians whom they've thought to be extinct. He uses the horn and accidentally calls the help of the former Kings and Queens of Narnia to save Narnia and get back what is rightfully his, throne to the Kingdom of Telmarines.

I was a bit disappointed with this movie. Maybe too much was said before this movie was launched kaya nag expect ako na it will surpass The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

I thought Caspian is going to be the focus on this one. Pero from what I've seen, parang background lang siya dun sa 4 siblings. Off-putting pa ung accent niya. Nice cameo pa ng Ice Witch at the middle part. It would have been an interesting twist kung narelease nga siya. (Although hindi talga pwede kasi hindi un ang nangyari sa book.)

My favorite part was when the mouse was carrying their boss kasi namatay tapos binuhay ni Lucy. May background music pa. Animation and special effects were superb. Even small details were exquisite.

The next movie we watched was Kung Fu Panda. Na sobrang nakakatawa.

Kung Fu Panda

Unfortunately, malevolent warrior Snow Leopard, Tai Long, having escaped from the defenses of a multitude of rhinos, now returns to take what he claims is his, the Dragon Warrior Scroll. All seems lost until the Great Master Oogway (Turtle, voice of Randall Duk Kim) chooses the Dragon Warrior. The problem is, he points to the lazy, noodle-making Po, the Panda (voice of Jack Black) making Master Shifu (voice of Dustin Hoffman) question if Po is really capable of beating the most notorious creature in the world. With the help of the Furious Five (Crane, Mantis, Monkey, Snake and Tigress) and dumplings, Po becomes the master he has always dreamed of.

I was expecting animation and storyline like Shrek or Madagascar, I was wrong. This was waay better. Plus may bonus pang magandang fighting sequences.

I haven't seen a movie where I was, not just smiling, but laughing. Usually I would just smile with the funny scenes and remarks of the characters pero this one really made me laugh hard. From the beginning pa lang, I was laughing na dahil sa lines ni Po.

"How can we repay you?" asked one pig.

"There is no fee for awesomeness and attractiveness!" said Po.

Grabeng linya. Haha tapos there was another one where he said that people were blinded by his awesomeness and audacity.

Special effects really made characters and background images pop out of the screens. Plus the roster of voice talents were amazing, from Dustin Hoffman to Jackie Chan to Angelina Jolie and Lucy Liu.

My favorite scene was the training of Master Shifu and Po. basta pagkain talaga, makikipagpatayan!

After the movie, dapat uuwe na kami. Ang kaso, inatake kami ng gimik dahil weekend kaya nagkayayaan na lumabas at mag inuman. Masyadong maligalig si Jeland sumayaw kaya kami na lang nina Janno, Ryan at Kerwin (at ang pasulpot-sulpot na French) ang nakapag inuman to the point of being drunk. First time pa ni Kerwin lumabas dun kaya sana nag enjoy din cia as much as we did.

We went home at around 4am without Jeland dahil ginigiba pa ata niya ang dance floor...literally. Haha


... said...

Ang saya, my friends and I did thesame yesterday. Hihi. Narnia is fantastic. Panda is funny. Btw, ang gaganda ninyo JM ha! Lol

my-so-called-Quest said...

nakakamiss manuod dyan sa Glorietta.

at mukang maganda ang shirt mong pula... hmmm...


dominic said...

ang cute mo naman!!!

MakMak said...

Nice. :) Movie marathon pala ginawa nio. I'll be watching Kung Fu Panda tonight. Sana matuwa ako. Love ko si Po. :)

At... masasabi ko lang. grabe, small world talaga. Lol.

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