Monday, June 30, 2008

I caught me some BigFish!

One of the most memorable weekend happened to me.

I know you know how it feels like when you've prepared for one big event from hair to shoes and then suddenly, one small detail could almost ruin your entire weekend.

It took almost a week for me to prepare for last Saturday's event. I was to go to my first BigFish Event so I literally took all the time to prep myself up. I bought the perfect outfit on Tuesday and because they didn't have my size, I took a larger one instead. I went to the tailor the following day to have it resized. They promised they'd finish it by Saturday afternoon.

Friday came and I thought nothing could go wrong this time. I was soo wrong.

6PM I received a text message from the tailor's assistant.

"Sir, ok lang po bang Monday afternoon na makuha ung damit? Nagkasakit po kasi ung mananahi."

I lost it. I was still in the office and I couldn't do anything about it.

Sinigurado ata nilang hindi ko na makukuha ung damit ko kasi 5:30PM ang closing nila.

I went out of the office at around 8 and I called my friend para magpasama dahil bibili din daw siya ng kanya.

It was a lost cause that night. I knew it, I just didn't want to accept it.

We were in the mall until it closed. Walang napala. Tumambay na lang kami ng McDo para magkwentuhan until 11:30PM.

Then we decided to go. Pumuntang Club si Basol at dumaan na lang ako para batiin ung friends ko then I went home.

Buti na lang nakabili ako at the last minute the following day. Saturday, 9PM. I was still with Basol dahil kahit siya cramming pa din. Haha

I bought mine at Topman and FnH and Basol bought his at FnH too.

"Bakit ba tayo masyadong concerned sa isusuot natin?" bigla naming narealize. We didn't know the answer. And we really don't care. It was like birthdays. Kailangan may something na bago.

The rest of the night was literally a blur. I had so much fun at the party. A.venue's really a nice place to launch events like that. People were beautiful. Music was smashin' and the atmosphere was intense!

Next event,

A.Venue Makati.

I sure won't miss that one. :)


... said...

next time magpa-MTO ka na lang, one month ahead. Hihi

MakMak said...

You were at BigFish?? Lol.

PrincheCHA Fiona said...

Saya naman! :) Wla ako gimik nung Saturday kasi nagprepare nmn ako for my first ever race nung Sunday! :)

Anyway, may nakachat ako dati sabi nya sya si Hed Kandi. Though kebs ko naman kasi malay ko ba kung nagpapanggap lng sya. (eh ako nagpapanggap lng na gurlash! hahaha) too bad nakalimutan ko na yung password nung account na gamit ko! hahaha mga 2 years ago na ata yun.

JM said...

mel: at ikaw kukunin kong mananahi. hehe

mak: were u there too? :)

fiona: anung race naman un? hehe atleta ka na ngaun?

MakMak said...

Hmmm. I believe I was still in the US that day. But my ex-colleagues told me they were there. Lol.
They said the party was great.

Dabo said...


never had a night out for quite sometime hahaha.. keep rockin ha..

Dabo said...

okay lang walang attire.. it's the attitude talaga..

my-so-called-Quest said...

mukhang enjoy ha=]
at may kasunod pa...
pwede ba sumama? hehehe

ingats JM=]

Mar C. said...

napadaan lang...

Deej Diaz said...

si bonso sayaw sayaw

oi.. nakabili ka na for Godskitchen? Let's gow next friday to find the purfect red/black attire!

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