Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Line Up

For lack of a better thing to do yesterday, I browsed for upcoming movies I'd definitely want to see.

Dark Knight: Even before the passing of Heath Ledger, this film created so much noise already. And the fact that I enjoyed watching the first one, I'll be lining up for the next one when this film hits the cinemas.

Get Smart: Just the Steve Carell - Anne Hathaway tandem makes this film interesting enough. I've been seeing the trailer since early this year. So I'll be looking forward to some great laughs while watching this.

WallE: Who doesn't like animated movies? I'd definitely see this one with my sister. It's fun watching animated movies with kids around.

HellBoy II: I saw the first installment last year. But I already forgot how the story went. I just know who the characters are. So this means, I won't be looking forward to this one's story but the kick ass special effects it will offer.

Wanted: Another Tomb Raider-ish type of Angelina Movie. I'd like to see how this one goes. I love seeing women in action!

The X Files: I only saw the first one on video (VHS pa nun!) and like HellBoy, I completely forgot everything about the movie after a few days. But I enjoy movies like these. Sci-Fi Mystery-thriller.


my-so-called-Quest said...

nagiipon na ko para sa dark Knight at Mama mia! yey!

... said...

JM, add Mamma Mia to your list. I'm sure masaya yun.

MakMak said...

I also have those movies on my list. Plus Mamma Mia (what's with Mamma Mia? Lol.).

Anonymous said...

ako, type ko yun Wall.E

natutuwa ako s trailer ng napanood ko

galing :)

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