Friday, June 13, 2008

Still sick

* sighs*

What a week!

I'm still sick. Been coughing nonstop. Even my friends and co-workers have noticed.

Sabi nga ng boss ko kanina, "your coughs sound nasty na nga eh :)"

She even gave me advise to take vit C and lotsa sleep. Good boss, no?

I'm happy with what I've accomplished for the entire week (even with all the coughing). Just signed docs for regularization (should it be s or z? hmm). The months of hard work really paid off. And I still want more. hehe

Anyhoo, I'll logout na. Have to meet up my friends pa para naman makapag unwind. :)


... said...

use S because it's sosyal. Z is not zozyal. lol. JM uminom ka ng gamot, 'wag alak! =p

PrincheCHA Fiona said...

alak nga dapat para gumaling! hahahaha

uy, manlibre ka naman!

yes, yaman yaman na nya! ahehehehe

Anonymous said...

congrats po, ur now a regular ehheh

inom ng gamot at alak para msaya hehe

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