Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pinoy Gossip Girl XOXO

I arrived in the office in a very good mood until I opened my Multiply account and saw more than 5 posts regarding this.

PINOY GOSSIP GIRL a.k.a. Chismosang Babae?!

ABS-CBN will air the pinoy version of Gossip Girl soon. FINAL CAST:

Serena van der Woodsen: KC Concepcion
Dan Humphry: John Loyd Cruz
Blair Waldorf: Anne Curtis
Nate Archibald: Sam Milby
Chuck Bass: Luis Manzano
Jenny Humphry: Angelica Panganiban

What the heck is this? Haven't they got it already?


Lahat na lang ba magkakaroon ng Pinoy Version?


MakMak said...

WTF????!!!! NO!!!!!!

mel beckham-atienza said...

Yaks! GROSS! I want to barf, napaka-T.H. huh? eeeew. char!

I have nothing against those actors but the idea of casting them in a 'pinoy' gossip girl is way too chaka!

Naubusan na ba sila ng idea at kinokopya na lang lahat ng nasa 'merika? Gosh!

dabo said...

ang korni naman!

dazedblu* said...

Oh no, this is a big NO WAY!!! as in!

Chyng said...

Seriously?! Eewish!

DZRH News Center said...

Tsismis kaya ito? Paki-check lang, kasi masisira si mayor dito: http://trendwatchblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Mayor-Benhur-Abalos-and-Former-Miss-Mandaluyong-480x341.jpg. And then look at this site to compare: http://dzrhnewspublic.blogspot.com.

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