Monday, August 18, 2008

wall-e loves eva

I just saw Wall-e and was so impressed that a simple robot could give so much life without using any words other than 'Eve' (his leading robot-lady).

This movie is a masterpiece and it proves that action really speaks louder than words. It provides us with so much but delivers it in a simple way.

A sweet and simple lovestory about a robot named Wall-e (Waste Allocation Load Lifter -- Earth Class), left alone in Earth to work and surprisingly develops a personality, living with a cockroach in a place where he keeps his treasures (Zippos, Rubbik's Cube, nuts and bolts, etc.) and to protect themselves from dust storms. The first 30 minutes are just music and actions. No words are spoken and yet we understand how lonely Wall-e feels and how much he wants to hold another being's hands as what he sees in the "Hello, Dolly!' video.

When a research probe named Eve (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) lands into Earth to look for signs of life, she meets Wall-e and wins his heart. They communicate in beeps and chirps which everyone can almost translate into words. The movie delivers without insulting viewer's intelligence. The middle part of the movie is the most memorable in the film as it shows how Wall-e develops a deeper connection with Eve without using any words.

"This segment, a kind of song without words, is a world-creating work of pure imagination that has been thought out to the nth degree." Kenneth Turan, Times Movie Critic on Wall-e

Second half of the film revolves around the overweight humans in space headed by a captain who is eager to get back home after hundreds of years living in Axiom, the spaceship. When Eve is taken back to Axiom to deliver a proof that life is again possible in Earth, Wall-e tries everything to save Eve even if it costs him his life (so to speak).

Watch this film. You'll never see an animated movie as good as this. It made me want to find the one who'll truly want to hold my hand.


Kape Kanlaon\ said...

ok, cge buy na ako nang ticket mamaya..hihihi

my-so-called-Quest said...

gusto ko yan mapanuod. huhu.
sana may manlibre!

Anonymous said...

im in love with this film. napaka imaginative ng mga gumawa nito,

tsaka beyond the mushiness ng mga robot lies a moral lesson for humans:

love our home, the earth.


JM said...

lance: so napanuod mo na? hehe

ced: hehe madami jan. dumikit ka sa mom mo. :)

mink: i totally agree. :)

MakMak said...

Hi Mink. Hehe. :P

Anyway, kala ko panget yung movie (sabi ni Kerwin)? LOL. Anubatalaga?

Anonymous said...

Ay nawala yung tinype ko. Mahaba-haba pa naman. Hehe.

Anyway, since dinamay ako ni Makmak dito, feeling ko tuloy kailangan ko idefend ang aking post. Haha.

1. The movie's visually great.
2. The characters are very, VERY adorable.
3. The first part of the film, where no words are spoken beyond bleeps and WAAAAALLLL-EEEs, is one of the most poignant and creative I've seen in some time.

If only for those reasons, go watch the movie.

Kaso, when the film went into its second half, when environmental issues started to be tackled and when decisions about going back to Earth started to be made, the film lost me. The film felt disjointed then.

Yun lang naman po. :) Bow.

Anonymous said...

Great work.

emanskie said...

may rading suggestion na blog mo ha bago ba to? saw this.. i love the movie... as in ewan ko ba haha

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