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Killer shoes

If shoes could kill, huh?

To the person who was wearing this: Sorry, I just had to take a photo. It was too good to pass up. :)
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Celine Acut

"According to the news, almost all of the victims are poor families, so it’s better that they all die this early… whats the point of living a life which is full of hunger. at least they are now resting with peace.. they are worthless, they are unproductive and their lives has no value at all.. they are just making more problems to the society so as i said its better that they have died this early… they don’t deserve a chance to live because they are poor, they are not VIP anyways…

I even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there”

I just saw this on my Facebook Newsfeed. Sad that a fellow Filipino feels this way towards her kababayans especially now that thousands of Filipinos are mourning for the loss of hundreds of lives because of the recent tropical storm, Sendong. It really doesn't matter whether this is a real person or just a fake account. Her message was loud and clear.

Here is a screenshot of the 'Official' Facebook Page of Celine Acut as of 23 Dec 2011:

why so mad? does it shows sympathy to the victims? you have nothing to do with me, and making angry with my statement will help no one even the victims. don't be so ridiculous do what you can do, don't waste your time and temper on me. what i already said is what i think right, and i will never change my mind on that.
mind your own business!
be ready all haters, idiots, less fortunates that makes me feel that my thoughts and opinion is bad enough for them to insult me. better get ready coz another sendong will comebeck to flash you away.
what i said is only my opinion, and i mean it. i'm happy for them because of sendong they have peace now, no worries, no suffering. they are so lucky!

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Still gobsmacked because of Gobby it Up!

My Christmas just got even better!

I recently joined a contest where you have to download their app and submit "the funniest or most creative use of an Idiom in a sentence no more than 50 words" to win one of the most coveted gadgets in 2011.

I picked my brain almost everyday to submit as many entries as possible and luckily I won in their weekly draw. What I wasn't prepared for was the email above I received from them a few days following their first email.

I'll hold on to announcing the grand prize until I've actually received it. For now, let's just wait in much much much anticipation. :)

I sure hope the item doesn't get lost along the way. :)
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Stephanie Plum is here!

The series of novels that made me love Janet Evanovich. The Stephanie Plum series. According to the ever-reliable and most trusted Wikipedia, Janet Evanovich has already published 17 Plum novels. And I thought she already stopped at 15, now when I checked Janet Evanovich's site, she's now promoting the release of the 18th! I think the last one I read was the 12th. I better do some catching up soon. :)

For those of you who are not familiar with the series (really?! lol):
Stephanie Plum (b. October 12) is a fictional character and the protagonist in a series of novels written by Janet Evanovich. She is a spunky combination of Nancy Drew and Dirty Harry, and - although a female bounty hunter - is the opposite of Domino Harvey. She is described by the author as "incredibly average and yet heroic if necessary." - Wikipedia

Here's the much-awaited trailer of One for the Money.

Katherine Heigl would not have been my first choice for Stephanie as well as the guy playing Morelli. I would have loved to see Sandra Bullock & Benjamin Bratt as Stephanie & Morelli. Their chemistry alone would have made a lot of laughs on screen. I've always imagined the two playing the part when I was reading the books. For Ranger, I think the guy they chose was okay.

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Three less fags in the world?

I was reading a news article about a Chinese guy, infected by AIDS by 2 HIV-positive guys on different occasions and then I happen to read through the comments. One comment stuck out like a pimple.

So much for acceptance and tolerance, huh? It's just sad how people think of others.

16 Dec 2011 Update: Another one of the user's post I saw in an article by InSing.com. Too bad the article is not available anymore but I managed to get a screenshot of the comment via the user's Facebook page.

It's not so much about the article but about his comments. We all know how 'shady' things can be in this side of the world but do you have to make those kinds of comments?

It's not as if it doesn't happen in your 'normal, heterosexual' world. Wake up. The things that you notice also happen in your world. Some even worse.

Sad, just sad.
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Philippine Embassy in Singapore in photos

Matagal ko ng pinagpapabukas palagi ang pagbabalik ko sa Philippine Embassy ng Singapore dahil sa hassle na palagi niyang binibigay sa akin. Ilang linggo na din na hindi natutuloy dahil sa katamaran or dahil hindi nagigising ng tamang oras. Kaya nung nagkaroon na ng pagkakataon, pinilit na namin ni J na pumunta para makakuha ng Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA). Hindi ka kasi pwedeng umuwi ng Pilipinas ng walang ganung mga papeles na nakaipit sa passport mo. Mas hassle kasi kung sa Pilipinas ka pa mag-aapply dahil ang dami ng gastos, kung saan-saan ka pa nila papupuntahin. So sa dalawa, dun na lang ako sa mas madaling hassle. Alam ng mga OFW yan dito sa Singapore. Haha.

Kaysa ikwento ko lang, puro pictures na lang para makita nyo kung ano talaga ang aksyon na hinaharap ng bawat Pinoy tuwing uuwi sila ng Pinas.

 7:56 AM

 8:11 AM

 8:12 AM

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I know Math

I am signed up for email alerts so that whenever new promotions are available, I am sent a copy. This one made me smile.

We can do the math, you know. :)
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Something should be done

I received another spam SMS from my Globe number. Someone from the government should really do something to stop this people from sending spam messages to others. I will try to post the messages with their numbers every time I received one.

From: +639352565848

Congrats) Ur sim card# won Php780,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize, pls call me now!I'm Atty. SAMANTHA M.LAZARO ,/from.D'auditor of phil's Charity Foundation)Per DTI #5247seriEs of 2011.

From: +639275276291

Congratulations! Ur cell# had won Php785,000 + 1LAPTOP. Thru Electr0nic rafle draw, 05/20/11 from. "PCCNS" .Comp call me now 2claim ur prize i'm Atty. Mark L. Mendez.

Kung mga abogado nga kayo, pwede bang ayusin nio yung mga pagtetext nio? Magaling pa magspell at magtext ang mga elementary kesa sa inyo. Is that how you want others to perceive your brand kung totoo mang mga abogado at may businesses kayo? Pati charity gusto niong pagkakitaan.

Just a tip to the rest of the mobile consumers in the Philippines, kung hindi galing sa 3- or 4-digit access number ang messages, please ignore. Or better yet, takutin ninyo sila na irereport niyo sila sa DTI kung uultin pa nila iyon. Lalo na kung may ibinigay silang DTI number. Sabihin nio na iveverify nio sa DTI yung number at kung walang ganung promo, irereport nio sila.
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Goodbye, 500++ photos

Dahil sa masyado akong naexcite sa phone, naisip kong gamitin 'to para sa future blog posts ko ng hindi inaalam ang pasikot-sikot.

Akala ko naman nadownload ng phone ko lahat ng pictures sa blog ko kaya dinelete ko ung mga albums na napunta sa phone ko.

Ayun, 500+ photos sa blog ko natanggal. Dahil nagsync lang pala siya sa Picasa web albums ko at  hindi nagdownload sa phone ko.

2007 - early 2011 photos, all gone. Hay. Ang natira na lang ay yung mga photos from my previous Tumblr page at yung mga bagong upload ko lang.

Hayy talaga. Tuluy-tuloy ang malas.
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Panalo talaga si Dora kahit kelan!

Things Longer than Kim Kardashian's Marriage

Natuwa lang ako sa picture na 'to nung shinare sa akin sa Facebook. Hindi ko lang alam kung saan nakuha 'to dahil nakita ko siya dito at dito din.
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Havey o waley?

Habang nag-iikot ikot kami nila J at Crisly sa Chinatown para maghanap ng costume for Halloween, nadaanan namin 'tong salon na 'to.

Havey o Hwa Ley? :P
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Minsan malas ka lang talaga


Ang aga ko umalis ng office para maglunch hoping na hindi ako aabutan ng ulan. Kung kelan pabalik na ako ng office at tanaw ko na ang building, saka naman bumuhos ang sobrang lakas na ulan. Minsan talaga hindi lahat ng gusto mo mangyari eh natutupad. Kahit anong plano mo, may mga bagay na susubok sa pagkatao mo.
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Funny bar name


Habang naghahanap kami ng bar na makakainan ng Black Pepper Crab, nakita ko 'to. Catchy and cute. :)

Sumasubway lang for dinner


Lately nahihilig ako sa Subway. Nakakatuwa lang kasi na may control ka sa kung ano yung ilalagay sa sandwich mo. Medyo mahal lang kaya hindi pwedeng araw-arawin. Kaya katulad kahapon, eto ang dinner ko.
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Kung Backstreet Boys yan, makikipagbalyahan ako sa harapan

After ng unang yoga class namin ni J last week, derecho kami ng Ion Mall para magpahinga at magdinner. Sakto dahil nandun pala ang Blue for Ion's 2nd anniversary.

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Humehealthy Part 2

Part two ng pagpapakahealthy. kaso ngayon ata mas mukhang wala ng pambili ng dinner kesa sa nagpapakahealthy kuno. haha

Jogging Jogging lang

Jogging lang ng konti para magkasya na ung skinny jeans hehe
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Kakaibang dinner

Kakaibang dinner for tonight. Atleast for me. Kunwari healthy. :)
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Part two ng isa ko pang entry.

Pagkatapos ng halos 2 taon na paglalaway, meron na din ako.

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Something's coming up

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Amazon #PhotoshopFail

Siyempre nung nalaman kong may kumakalaban sa iPad, chineck ko agad yung device. Kakarelease lang kasi ng Amazon na 4 na bagong Kindle products. At dahil masyadong binenta sa akin ni J 'to a few days ago, naintriga ako.

Eto yung bagong mga dagdag sa Kindle devices:

 (New!) Kindle US$79
Kindle Fire US$199

Kala ko magiging iPad Killer na 'tong Kindle Fire kaso WiFi pa lang pala siya. Pero ok na din para sa mga taong games lang at multimedia lang hanap. May cellphone naman para sa 3G.
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Swertihan lang talaga?

Siyempre hindi dahil nasa Singapore na ako, titigil na ako sa pagsali sa mga online contest. Binalak ko pa nga gumawa ng blog solely para dun kaso sa dami ng trabaho at inaatupag ko sa bahay, wala ng time para magdagdag pa ng isang blog. Hindi na nga nauupdate ung Tumblr ko, panu pa kung may isa pang blog na iuupdate madalas?

Anyway, hindi pa din pala masyadong nawawala ang pagkaswerte ko sa mga online contest at promos dahil in 2 weeks, 4 ang napanalunan ko. Tatlong preview screening ng movies at 1 album launching na may iPad 2 draw pa on the event itself.

1. Chalet Girl

Swerte ni J dahil sa lahat ng mga napanalunan ko, kasama ko lagi siya. Gustuhin man niya o hindi. :P

Ok naman yung movie. Kaso hindi ako magbabayad ng $8-$10 per ticket para mapanuod ko siya sa sinehan kung sakaling hindi ako nanalo. Saktong rom-com lang. Pero siyempre, salamat pa din sa Youth.sg for the tickets.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers' I'm With You Album Launch

Siyempre sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam nio na kung gaano ako ka-fan ng RCHP. As in sa sobrang pagka-obssessed ko sa kanila, wala akong alam na kanta nila bukod sa Californication at Give It Away (siyempre chorus lang din alam ko). Fan na fan diba?

Anyway, dahil sa may iPad 2 draw sila sa event, walang nagawa si J kaya napilitan sumama. Baka itodo pa ni Lord yung pagkaswerte ko.

Kaso umuwe kaming basa at walang dalang bagong-bagong iPad 2. Pero buti na lang yung banda na nagperform eh hindi RCHP songs lang. Atleast naenjoy namin yung music at free booze sa event. Solb na din.

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It's a Chicken Strip.

Chicken strip ba kamo?
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When you google yourself, are you happy with what you see?

More than 4 years na pala akong nagba-blog. Nung una, ang plano ko lang is to make this site a place where I can post my 'written works' na akala ko eh sobrang ganda kaya kailangan i-share. Siyempre noong nagsimula ako, kakagraduate ko lang ng college. Kakasimula ko lang sa trabaho. Kakasimula lang din ng buhay ko outside school.

Looking back, wala naman masyadong nagbago sa akin. At least that's what I think. Siguro mas naging mature, mas naging responsible at mas naging defined lang ako as a person. Other than that, wala na. May mga nagbago naman pero the basics are still there. Mahilig pa din ako maglakwatsa. Madalas pa din ako makalimot. Masaya pa din ako, generally.

When you google yourself, are you happy with what you see? 

I did and I think I am happy with it.

Nakilala ko ang sarili ko over the years. Nagkaroon ng Friendster. Nakagraduate ng college. Nagkaroon ng Facebook. Ni hindi ko binalak na magka-Myspace dahil pang-emo lang yun nung sikat pa siya.

Sa bawat account na gagawin ko, nagkaroon ako ng identity.. Nagkaroon ng direksyon ang buhay ko. Kayanga hindi ko gustong i-link ang Facebook at LinkedIn account ko, dahil magkaiba ang dahilan kung bakit ko binuksan yun. Kahit na magkaibang tao ang personalidad ko sa dalawa, ako pa din iyon at alam ko lang kung paano ilugar ang sarili ko sa bawat isa.

Sa bawat friends na ia-add ko, at sa bawat friend requests na ia-approve ko, natuto akong makisama; makipamuhay sa mga tao sa paligid ko. Natuto akong mabuhay kasama ng iba.

Sa bawat message na ise-send ko at sa bawat tweet na ipo-post ko, nagkaroon ako ng kumpiyansa sa sarili dahil ibinabahagi ko ang sarili ko sa iba. Na ako ay may sariling tinig. May sariling dahilan para sa iba.

Kampante ako na tuwing haharap ako sa salamin, ako pa din ang makikita ko. Na sa bawat taong mag-unfollow sa akin, sa bawat taong mag-unfriend sa akin, kampante ako dahil alam kong may mga taong kahit anong gawin ko, nasa likod ko lang. Buti na lang may circles na. Secured ako na sila lang ang makakakita at sila lang ang dapat makakita.

Reflection ko ang nakikita ko. Online at offline. May ibang result lang na hindi ako masyadong proud. Dahil madalas pa din akong magkamali. Minsan nagpopost ako dahil ito ang uso. Guilty din naman ako kapag gusto kong magyabang. Minsan kasi hindi din nakakatuwa kapag alam mong hindi totoo ang sinasabi ng iba kaya wala kang gagawin kundi talunin sila sa sarili nilang laro. Siguro naman sa akin, hindi naman madalas mangyari yun. Meron kasing mga tao na bawat status message nila, ginto ang lumalabas sa pwet nila.

Masaya ba ako kapag na-google ko ang sarili ko?


Sa bawat bad review na natanggap ko, sa bawat negative comment na harapin ko, natuto akong tumayo sa sarili kong paa.

More than 10 years na akong buhay online, ang dami ko ng accounts at email addresses na binuksan. Kasing dami lang ng pimples na dumaan sa mukha ko. Ngayon, wrinkles na ang kapalit. Nagkakaedad na nga talaga ako.

Pero siguradong hindi pa ito tapos. Hanggat may wifi akong nasasagap at hanggang sa may letra pa ang laptop ko, tuloy ang buhay.

Hello, titigil ka ba dahil lang sa mahinang internet connection?

Siyempre hindi. Hahanap ka ng mas magandang connection. Kawawa nga lang ang kapitbahay mo. :)

Gawain sa school

Gawain sa school kapag may biglaang exam
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Hey dude

Hey dude, what the f**k is this thing?
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How men and women socialize.



After Henry Cavill’s 1st photo as Superman was released, here’s Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Rawr!
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There’s only so much begging I can do.

From Animal Planet.

First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman

First look at the new ‘Man os Steel’ Henry Cavill as Superman http://i.jmlagapa.com/ppQpWQ

Google: When patents attack Android

I found this article from Digg and was very impressed by it.It’s an article posted in Google’s Official Blog written by

When patents attack Android

8/03/2011 12:37:00 PM

I have worked in the tech sector for over two decades. Microsoft and Apple have always been at each other’s throats, so when they get into bed together you have to start wondering what’s going on. Here is what’s happening:

Android is on fire. More than 550,000 Android devices are activated every day, through a network of 39 manufacturers and 231 carriers. Android and other platforms are competing hard against each other, and that’s yielding cool new devices and amazing mobile apps for consumers.

But Android’s success has yielded something else: a hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents.

They’re doing this by banding together to acquire Novell’s old patents (the “CPTN” group including Microsoft and Apple) and Nortel’s old patents (the “Rockstar” group including Microsoft and Apple), to make sure Google didn’t get them; seeking $15 licensing fees for every Android device; attempting to make it more expensive for phone manufacturers to license Android (which we provide free of charge) than Windows Phone 7; and even suing Barnes & Noble, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. Patents were meant to encourage innovation, but lately they are being used as a weapon to stop it.

A smartphone might involve as many as 250,000 (largely questionable) patent claims, and our competitors want to impose a “tax” for these dubious patents that makes Android devices more expensive for consumers. They want to make it harder for manufacturers to sell Android devices. Instead of competing by building new features or devices, they are fighting through litigation.

This anti-competitive strategy is also escalating the cost of patents way beyond what they’re really worth. The winning $4.5 billion for Nortel’s patent portfolio was nearly five times larger than the pre-auction estimate of $1 billion. Fortunately, the law frowns on the accumulation of dubious patents for anti-competitive means — which means these deals are likely to draw regulatory scrutiny, and this patent bubble will pop.

We’re not naive; technology is a tough and ever-changing industry and we work very hard to stay focused on our own business and make better products. But in this instance we thought it was important to speak out and make it clear that we’re determined to preserve Android as a competitive choice for consumers, by stopping those who are trying to strangle it.

We’re looking intensely at a number of ways to do that. We’re encouraged that the Department of Justice forced the group I mentioned earlier to license the former Novell patents on fair terms, and that it’s looking into whether Microsoft and Apple acquired the Nortel patents for anti-competitive means. We’re also looking at other ways to reduce the anti-competitive threats against Android by strengthening our own patent portfolio. Unless we act, consumers could face rising costs for Android devices — and fewer choices for their next phone.

UPDATE August 4, 2011 - 12:25pm PT

It’s not surprising that Microsoft would want to divert attention by pushing a false “gotcha!” while failing to address the substance of the issues we raised. If you think about it, it’s obvious why we turned down Microsoft’s offer. Microsoft’s objective has been to keep from Google and Android device-makers any patents that might be used to defend against their attacks. A joint acquisition of the Novell patents that gave all parties a license would have eliminated any protection these patents could offer to Android against attacks from Microsoft and its bidding partners. Making sure that we would be unable to assert these patents to defend Android — and having us pay for the privilege — must have seemed like an ingenious strategy to them. We didn’t fall for it.

Ultimately, the U.S. Department of Justice intervened, forcing Microsoft to sell the patents it bought and demanding that the winning group (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, EMC) give a license to the open-source community, changes the DoJ said were “necessary to protect competition and innovation in the open source software community.” This only reaffirms our point: Our competitors are waging a patent war on Android and working together to keep us from getting patents that would help balance the scales.

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From Digg: A must-have for college.

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How does Spongebob wear his pants?

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"Ayaw kitang saktan."

"Hindi na ako masaya."

Naaalala ko pa nung sinabi mo sa akin yun. Hindi ko alam anong nangyari. Pero hindi ko naman masabi na hindi ko inasahan yun. Matagal ko ng naramdaman yun. Hindi lang ako nagsasalita.

"Bakit?" tanong ko.

Ang dami mong sinabi pero parang hindi pa yun ang totoong dahilan. Bakit nga kaya hindi mo masabi kung anu man yung tinutukoy mo?

"Ayaw kitang saktan." sabi mo after 2 years. Kung kailan 2 taon na nakalipas.

"Huh? Hindi mo ba ako mas sinaktan nung nakipaghiwalay ka sa akin tapos hindi mo sinabi kung bakit?"

"Ngayong ilang taon na nakalipas, siyempre narealize ko na dapat sinabi ko sa'yo."

"So, bakit nga?" tanong ko. Wala na din akong pakialam kung anu man ang maisagot. Masaya naman ako kung nasaan ako ngayon.

"Matagal na yun. 'Wag na nating balikan pa." sabay ngiti.

Lalo akong naguluhan. Matagal na palang tapos yun, bakit hindi pa din masabi kung bakit?

"Ang gulo mo. Kung matagal na, bakit hindi mo pa din masabi?"

"Mas magulo. Binabalik mo yung mga nangyari imbes na nagmomove on ka na."

Nagmove on na ako kahit ang laki ng question mark sa isip ko. Wala din naman mangyayari kung hindi. Tapos na iyon. Dalawang taon na ang nakalipas. Masaya na din ako ngayon. Nakapag-ibang bansa na. Kahit paano, natutupad na ang mga plano sa buhay.

Pero bakit nga ganon?

Mas gugustuhin mo bang saktan ang tao na hindi mo sinasabi kung bakit kaysa saktan mo siya dahil may dahilan?

If you really cared for a person, even if it's in the past, even if it's just for the life you shared for a short time, don't you think it's just right enough to tell why?
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Words that don’t exist in the English language.

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Attack of the Living Mattress

Lately, sobrang kakaiba ang mga panaginip ko. Nung una, tungkol kay Beyonce at mga white fox, tapos meron din tungkol sa mga Transformers, ngayon naman tungkol sa mga buhay na mattress na gustong sakupin ang buong Earth.

Hindi ko na masyadong matandaaan ang mga nangyari dahil basta ang alam ko, pagkatapos nilang dumating sa Earth, na-brainwash nila yung mga tao at ginawa nilang mga slaves para lalong masakop ang buong mundo.

Ganyan ang mga nangyari sa mga nakuha nilang mga tao. Tapos kanya-kanya silang kuha ng mga tao na gagawin ding mga katulad nila. Hindi ko naman alam anung gagawin nila kung nasakop na ang buong mundo. Siguro patutulugin ng mga buhay na mattress or magkakaroon ng matinding slumber party after.

Sana next time, mga buhay na Oreos na lang tapos para matalo sila, kailangan sabuyan sila ng gatas tapos kakainin sila ng mga tao. :)
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Trailer - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow

Friday, July 15, 2011 3 comments

A kid’s reaction to a gay couple.

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DJ Earworm’s new mashup The Only Time is Tonight.

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Retirement is awesome.

From Digg.
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Ano hitsura mo 20 years ago?

Ang tanda ko na. Lalo ko pang naramdaman yan nung biglang nagpost ng pictures ung Tita ko 20 years ago. (Read: 20 years ago.)

Eto ako ngayon

Eto ako 20 years ago:

Eto pa:
(Ako yung yagit na nasa gitna.)

Ikaw? Ano hitsura mo 20 years ago? :)
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It’s so horribly, horribly well done.

From Digg.
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Weekend sa KL

First time kong lalabas ng bansa na hindi family ang kasama. At first time ko din sa Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So, talagang excited ako sa mga maaabutan ko pagtapak ko ng KL.

Balita ko pa nga na masasama daw ang ugali ng mga cab drivers dito sa KL. Buti na lang ung napunta sa akin, tahimik. Kaya walang hassle at metro ang basehan ng bayad. Sabi pa sa internet, unang bukas mo pa lang daw ng pinto ng taxi, make sure na metro ang iche-check mo kasi minsan daw kontrata ang gusto nila.

Siyempre dahil gabi na ako dumating, after office kasi ako bumyahe papuntang KL, derecho gimikan kami.

Kinabukasan, sa Genting naman kami tumambay. Walang sinabi ang freezer sa bahay sa sobrang lamig.

Lahat na naka-jacket pero ang nakakapagtaka, may mg nagbebenta pa din ng ice cream. 

Ang kapal-kapal na ng fog, gusto pa nila magpalamig lalo.

 Parang Enchanted Kingdom lang na pinalamig ng sobra. Ang masaya pa dun, bago ka makaakyat ng Genting, magke-cable car ka muna.

 Pagkatapos nun, nagpahinga na kami bago gumimik uli. Walang pahinga, diba?

Kinabukasan, nag-ikot ikot na lang kami dahil 7pm pa naman ang flight namin pabalik.

 Kung babalik ako dun, iba naman ang mga kasama ko at iba din ang pupuntahan namin. Ang hirap lang dahil ang lalayo ng mga lugar sa KL. Lalo na kung hindi ka sanay magMRT, cab lang talaga ang option mo.

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