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Masusubukan din kita soon.

Mamamalimos muna ako para may pang entrance :P
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Now I know why girls like to go to the bathroom together.

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Best laptop ever.

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It’s so bad it’s funny.

I just had to share it.
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The earliest Social Network. Ever.


Things I like about Coffee and You

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Slow motion angend of the world?

Apparently, nauna ng mamatay ang kuko ng kapitbahay. Slow motion ang end of the world?


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This is why bin laden can't escape

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Oh, Jesus. Oh, God.


Lol. Oh, Jesus. Oh, God.

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Not cool.

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Jake Gylenhaal channeling his inner Grace Jones In His Underwear.


A house giving birth

“That’s not something you see everyday: a house giving birth.”

Mike & Molly S1E4


The beautiful face of courage



The beautiful face of courage: Lance Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter USMC

Carpenter, 21, of Gilbert lost the eye, most of his teeth and use of his right arm from a grenade blast Nov. 21 near Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Friends and family say he threw himself in front of the grenade to protect his best friend in Afghanistan, Cpl. Nick Eufrazio

This deserves more notes then anything on Tumblr. It’s sad to say stupid pictures of a flower some girl takes with a Nike D40 that her parents bought her for christmas or a picture of A Day To Remember has more notes then this. The world is fucked up. So much respect for this man.

Submitted by casserolesandhandshakes

Touching story, very heart warming.


App Shows Breast Implants Before and After

A plastic surgeon has created an app that performs virtual plastic surgery on photos to show women curious about breast implants what it would be like to have a different bra size.

The free iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app, called iAugment, uses 3D imaging technology to stimulate different implant sizes and allows users to visualize what larger breasts would look like on them in just a few seconds.

Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley, a New Orleans-based plastic surgeon, said she created the app to give people interested in breast implants a tool to not only visualize what implants would look like but also determine which size would be the best fit.

Users choose a new or existing picture and then highlight the breast area by clicking on it. It’s recommended that photos be taken in a bra, bathing suit or light-colored top for best results.

A tool bar then appears at the bottom of the screen and acts as a slider to adjust the breast size. The app, which also links to surgeons in the area, allows users to post the augmented pictures to Facebook, so friends and family can weigh in on the new look.

Reach TechNewsDaily senior writer Samantha Murphy at http://cms.technewsdaily.com/%3Cahref=. Follow her on Twitter @SamMurphy_TMN.

This story was provided by TechNewsDaily, a sister site to LiveScience.

Masubukan nga next time.

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Wanna try shoplifting today?


Your First Name Implies Your Age

What’s in a name? Your age, for one thing. Names, like clothing and music, go in and out of fashion, and each generation chooses different ones than the last, until, like a giant Jeopardy Wheel of Fortune wheel, the same ones come around again. Note that as the years progress the list becomes more multi-cultural; many names from the mid-20th century were of English origin or Biblical. Popular entertainers and cultural figures (such as Prince William) also impact the list.

Take a look at the top 10 names for women and men for the last seven decades (from Social Security lists) and compare them to your peers’ names. I bet you’ll find a lot of matches.

Children born in 2010

  1. Isabella

  2. Sophia

  3. Emma

  4. Olivia

  5. Ava

  6. Emily

  7. Abigail

  8. Madison

  9. Chloe

  10. Mia

  1. Jacob

  2. Ethan

  3. Michael

  4. Jayden

  5. William

  6. Alexander

  7. Noah

  8. Daniel

  9. Aiden

  10. Anthony
Children born in 2000

  1. Emily

  2. Hannah

  3. Madison

  4. Ashley

  5. Sarah

  6. Alexis

  7. Samantha

  8. Jessica

  9. Elizabeth

  10. Taylor

  1. Jacob

  2. Michael

  3. Matthew

  4. Joshua

  5. Christopher

  6. Nicholas

  7. Andrew

  8. Joseph

  9. Daniel

  10. Tyler
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ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Edition


ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Edition: Meet The Cast. Recently The CW announced the seventeenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” would be an All-Stars edition.. (For the full article CLICK HERE.)

Cycle 1: Shannon Stewart (runner-up)
Cycle 2: Camille McDonald(fifth place)
Cycle 4: Brittany Brower(fourth place)
Cycle 5: Bre Scullark((third place)
Cycle 5: Lisa D’Amato(sixth place)
Cycle 9: Bianca Golden(fourth place)
Cycle 10: Dominique Reighard(fourth place)
Cycle 11: Isis King(10th place)
Cycle 11: Sheena Sakai(sixth place)
Cycle 12: Allison Harvard(runner-up)
Cycle 13: Laura Kirkpatrick(runner-up)
Cycle 14: Angelea Preston(fourth place)
Cycle 15: Kayla Ferrel(fourth place)
Cycle 16: Alexandria Everett(fourth place)

Puro ata drama queen at bitches ang napasama. hehe

Yung feeling na maganda/gwapo ang katabi mo sa jeep.


pero sa loob-loob mo


Anatomy of a Hug

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Si Beyonce at ang mga white fox

Ang weird nanaman ng panaginip ko kagabi. Dati kasi may involved na Transformers at Decepticons, ngayon pinaghalong Fantasy, SciFi at Musical.

Nasa isang hotel daw kami ng family. Pero hindi ko kilala ung mga parents at kapatid ko. Hindi ko na matandaan kung sinu-sino sila o kung anu hitsura nila. Basta nagcheck in kami sa isang hotel na nasa tuktok ng hill or bundok tapos napapaligiran ng mga puno ung ibaba ng hotel. Para kaming mga bakasyunista lang sa isang lugar tapos balak lang ikut-ikot.

May isang scene pa na nandun ung isang contestant ng America's Next Top Model, si Jaclyn, na pumasok sa hotel, background niya ung magandang view outside ng hotel, tapos kinakabahan siya kasi may masama daw siyang pakiramdam sa hotel na un.

Nung pumasok kami, ang daming tao sa isang malaking lobby. Mukhang museum sa laki ng lobby. Tapos pag-akyat namin ng hagdan para mag-elevator, nagulat ako kasama pala namin si Beyonce! Hindi ko namalayan na sumulpot siya sa gilid namin. Bigla daw siya tumuntong sa isang platform tapos nung nakilala siya ng mga tao, nagtipun-tipon sila sa gitna nung lobby para nakinig sa kanya. Kaso imbes na magsalita, biglang may music na tumunog sa background! Todo sa giling si Beyonce tapos ung mga tao gaya naman. Uto-uto lang. Hindi ko na lang matandaan kung anong music ung pinatugtog basta sayaw lang sila katulad nung mga nagaganap na production number sa Bollywood movies. Hindi ko alam kung kailan natapos ung sayaw at kung san napunta si Beyonce after basta nagdisperse na lang daw ung mga tao after ng production number then umakyat na kami sa elevator.

Nung nasa loob na kami ng hotel room, bigla nagkagulo. Narinig namin mula dun sa room namin. Bigla daw may mga sumulpot na malalaking white fox. Parang mga werewolf pero puti. Hitsurang mga siberian husky tapos parang usok lang ung buong katawan nila habang gumagalaw sila. Pinatay nila ung mga tao sa lobby.

Hindi ko napansin un massacre na nangyari kasi naputol ung eksena tapos nagulat ako may hawak na lang akong armalite tapos nakatago ako sa isang pader. Naghahanda daw ako para barilin ung mga white fox. Weird kasi wala akong matandaang nakitang mga dugo sa paligid. Siguro inuuwe nila ung mga katawan tapos dun nila kinakain sa lungga nila. Basta nung ready na daw ako, bigla daw ako lumabas tapos pinagbababaril ko daw ung mga white fox. Parang sa Resident Evil lang! Ganung-ganun. Imbes na zombies ung binabaril ko, mga white fox daw. Ang kaso bigla silang dumami! Napaligiran ako. Siyempre nagulat ako kasi kahit san ako tumingin may white fox. As in umikot pa ung camera para lang makita na buong paligid ko puro hayop na.

Tapos nag alarm ung phone ko. Oras na para pumasok sa office. Galing diba? Dinaig pa ang soap opera sa pagputol. Hindi ko man lang nalaman kung buhay ako o hindi.

Pinatay ko ung alarm tapos naligo nauna ng maligo yung roommate ko. So, sinubukan kong matulog uli. Naweweirduhan pa din ako sa panginip ko dahil hindi ko naintindihan kung bakit nandun si Beyonce tapos may nasamang mga fight scenes.

Ang kaso may continuation naman pala!

Nung bumalik ako sa eksena, bigla ko na daw kinakausap sila Tilda Swinton, James Franco at may 3 pang mga actors na hindi ko na matandaan kung sinu-sino. Basta ang alam ko sikat din sila. Nakaarmy outfit din sila tapos may mga armalite din silang bitbit. Ready para patayin ung mga white fox. So I assume niligtas nila ako nung napaligiran ako ng white fox sa unang panaginip ko.

Biglang naputol yung eksena at napaligiran nanaman daw kami nung mga hayop. hindi ko alam bakit hindi sila nauubos. Basta ang dami nila. Tapos naputol ung eksena sa scene na talikuran kaming lima tapos binabaril namin ung mga fox na pumapaligid sa amin. Parang Matrix/Resident Evil lang ang eksena.

Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun?

Hmm. Rush hour?

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Can you see it?


Google's Ice Cream Sandwich coming in Q4 2011

“One OS that runs everywhere.” There you have it, folks! Google intends to meld its Honeycomb tablet wares and Gingerbread smartphone software into one delicious Ice Cream Sandwich. Maybe that’s why the “sandwich” bit is in the name? Either way, it’ll be a universal OS that runs on everything from teeny tiny Android phones to 10-inch tablets and will intelligently adapt to each form factor with things like a resizable status bar. Some other fancy new additions were demonstrated during Google’s I/O 2011 keynote, including face-tracking and camera focus shifting based on voice recognition, but most of the salient details remain under lock and key for now. We’ll be sure to dig around Mountain View campus fridges in search for more clues about the next major iteration of Android.

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The world according to an alcoholic.

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The Real Ninja Turtle.

From Digg.
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Asan ang compliment dun?

Dahil 11am na kami nakapagbreakfast ng roommate ko, nagutom na kami ng 3pm para sa lunch namin. Kaso naman tamad na tamad na din siyang magluto at ayaw ko din naman magkanin dahil kanin ang breakfast namin. Akala ko kasi lunch na yun, breakfast lang pala.

Kaya naman lumabas na lang kami ng bahay at pumunta sa isang bakery. Kaso bago kami nakarating, medyo umaambon na. Kaya naman nastuck kami sa may MRT station.


Walang payong.

Kaya naglakad-lakad kami paikot ng MRT, naghahanap ng matatambayan habang malakas ang buhos ng ulan. Madalas naman kasing umulan lately kaya alam naming hindi magtatagal ang ulan kahit gaano pa sya kalakas.

May nakita kaming This Fashion store kaso puro pambabae yung nakadisplay. Nakita din namin ung Perdure IT store kaya pinasok namin. Ang isang dahilan lang kung bakit ako umaalis agad ng tindahan eh kapag may isang crew na lumalapit tapos bigla kang tatanungin kung ano kailangan. Kapag sinabi mong tumitingin lang, nakatingin lang siya sa'yo kahit san ka pumunta hanggang sa maramdaman mong hindi ka na welcome sa tindahan dahil hindi ka bibili. Haha. Minsan pa, sunod pa sila ng sunod. Parang ipe-pressure kang bumili kahit na isang pirasong lapis o kahit tansan. Basta bumili ka lang. Kaya hindi din ako pumapasok sa mga tindahan na walang customer sa loob. Hindi ko maenjoy ang window shopping kung may vulture na umaali-aligid.

Anyway, pagkaikot namin sa maliit na tindahan, bumalik kami sa This Fashion dahil wala na kaming choice. At least, nakabili kami ng shorts na pambahay bago kami umalis.

Wala na kaming mapuntahan pagkatapos kaya naupo na lang kami sa may hagdan sa tapat ng ATMs. Biglang may lumapit sa amin na ahente. Singaporean. Hindi ko lang alam kung ano ang binebenta niya dahil hindi na kami umabot sa topic na yun.


Ngumiti na lang ako. Napansin ko ding napangiti ang roommate ko.

"You live around here?"

"Yeah." sagot nitong kasama ko.

"You guys father and son?" inosenteng tanong ni Ate.

Muntik na akong humagalpak sa tawa.

Idinaan ko na lang sa ngiti. Binigyan ako ng compliment pero hindi ko pwedeng icelebrate dahil sinabi din niyang mukhang tatay ko na ang roommate ko. Ibang klase din pala ang pigilan ang tawa.

Habang natatawa, "No. We're friends. He's not my son." sagot nitong kasama ko. Halatang pigil ang pagkairita sa babae.

"Yeah, he's a friend." nakangiti kong sagot sa babae.

Muntik ng tumagas ang dugo sa ulo ni Ate. Halatang hiyang-hiya sa sinabi.

"So sorry. I didn't know. So sorry."

Idinaan na lang namin sa ngiti. Lalo na 'tong roommate ko. Gusto ko na talaga tumawa ng malakas kaso hindi pwede dahil lalong manliliit sa hiya si Ate at baka ipalulon nitong kasama ko ung MRT sa akin ng wala sa oras.

Umalis na si Ate at bumalik sa group niya. Hindi na niya naialok yung product/service niya. Mukhang kinwento niya sa mga kasama niya ung nangyari dahil natawa din sila.

Pagkatila ng ulan, nanlilisik ang mata ng 'tatay' ko.

"Tama ba yun? Sa liit kong 'to, kaya ko bang gumawa ng anak na singlaki mo?" sabi niya na may halong pagkairita at pagbibiro.

"Ayaw mo nun, compliment sa'yo un!" biro ko na lang uli sa kanya habang tumatawa. Pabalik na kami sa bahay pagkatapos mamili ng mga tinapay sa bakery.

"Asan ang compliment dun? Ganun na ba ako mukhang katanda? Lintek yun."

Hindi ko na lang sinagot.

Mukhang nagets niya ang katahimikan ko kaya lalo niya pa akong minura ng minura hanggang sa nakauwi kami.

Best Man sets Groom’s hair on fire.

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