Friday, May 13, 2011

ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Edition


ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Edition: Meet The Cast. Recently The CW announced the seventeenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” would be an All-Stars edition.. (For the full article CLICK HERE.)

Cycle 1: Shannon Stewart (runner-up)
Cycle 2: Camille McDonald(fifth place)
Cycle 4: Brittany Brower(fourth place)
Cycle 5: Bre Scullark((third place)
Cycle 5: Lisa D’Amato(sixth place)
Cycle 9: Bianca Golden(fourth place)
Cycle 10: Dominique Reighard(fourth place)
Cycle 11: Isis King(10th place)
Cycle 11: Sheena Sakai(sixth place)
Cycle 12: Allison Harvard(runner-up)
Cycle 13: Laura Kirkpatrick(runner-up)
Cycle 14: Angelea Preston(fourth place)
Cycle 15: Kayla Ferrel(fourth place)
Cycle 16: Alexandria Everett(fourth place)

Puro ata drama queen at bitches ang napasama. hehe


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