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Killer shoes

If shoes could kill, huh?

To the person who was wearing this: Sorry, I just had to take a photo. It was too good to pass up. :)
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Celine Acut

"According to the news, almost all of the victims are poor families, so it’s better that they all die this early… whats the point of living a life which is full of hunger. at least they are now resting with peace.. they are worthless, they are unproductive and their lives has no value at all.. they are just making more problems to the society so as i said its better that they have died this early… they don’t deserve a chance to live because they are poor, they are not VIP anyways…

I even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there”

I just saw this on my Facebook Newsfeed. Sad that a fellow Filipino feels this way towards her kababayans especially now that thousands of Filipinos are mourning for the loss of hundreds of lives because of the recent tropical storm, Sendong. It really doesn't matter whether this is a real person or just a fake account. Her message was loud and clear.

Here is a screenshot of the 'Official' Facebook Page of Celine Acut as of 23 Dec 2011:

why so mad? does it shows sympathy to the victims? you have nothing to do with me, and making angry with my statement will help no one even the victims. don't be so ridiculous do what you can do, don't waste your time and temper on me. what i already said is what i think right, and i will never change my mind on that.
mind your own business!
be ready all haters, idiots, less fortunates that makes me feel that my thoughts and opinion is bad enough for them to insult me. better get ready coz another sendong will comebeck to flash you away.
what i said is only my opinion, and i mean it. i'm happy for them because of sendong they have peace now, no worries, no suffering. they are so lucky!

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Still gobsmacked because of Gobby it Up!

My Christmas just got even better!

I recently joined a contest where you have to download their app and submit "the funniest or most creative use of an Idiom in a sentence no more than 50 words" to win one of the most coveted gadgets in 2011.

I picked my brain almost everyday to submit as many entries as possible and luckily I won in their weekly draw. What I wasn't prepared for was the email above I received from them a few days following their first email.

I'll hold on to announcing the grand prize until I've actually received it. For now, let's just wait in much much much anticipation. :)

I sure hope the item doesn't get lost along the way. :)
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Stephanie Plum is here!

The series of novels that made me love Janet Evanovich. The Stephanie Plum series. According to the ever-reliable and most trusted Wikipedia, Janet Evanovich has already published 17 Plum novels. And I thought she already stopped at 15, now when I checked Janet Evanovich's site, she's now promoting the release of the 18th! I think the last one I read was the 12th. I better do some catching up soon. :)

For those of you who are not familiar with the series (really?! lol):
Stephanie Plum (b. October 12) is a fictional character and the protagonist in a series of novels written by Janet Evanovich. She is a spunky combination of Nancy Drew and Dirty Harry, and - although a female bounty hunter - is the opposite of Domino Harvey. She is described by the author as "incredibly average and yet heroic if necessary." - Wikipedia

Here's the much-awaited trailer of One for the Money.

Katherine Heigl would not have been my first choice for Stephanie as well as the guy playing Morelli. I would have loved to see Sandra Bullock & Benjamin Bratt as Stephanie & Morelli. Their chemistry alone would have made a lot of laughs on screen. I've always imagined the two playing the part when I was reading the books. For Ranger, I think the guy they chose was okay.

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Three less fags in the world?

I was reading a news article about a Chinese guy, infected by AIDS by 2 HIV-positive guys on different occasions and then I happen to read through the comments. One comment stuck out like a pimple.

So much for acceptance and tolerance, huh? It's just sad how people think of others.

16 Dec 2011 Update: Another one of the user's post I saw in an article by InSing.com. Too bad the article is not available anymore but I managed to get a screenshot of the comment via the user's Facebook page.

It's not so much about the article but about his comments. We all know how 'shady' things can be in this side of the world but do you have to make those kinds of comments?

It's not as if it doesn't happen in your 'normal, heterosexual' world. Wake up. The things that you notice also happen in your world. Some even worse.

Sad, just sad.
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Philippine Embassy in Singapore in photos

Matagal ko ng pinagpapabukas palagi ang pagbabalik ko sa Philippine Embassy ng Singapore dahil sa hassle na palagi niyang binibigay sa akin. Ilang linggo na din na hindi natutuloy dahil sa katamaran or dahil hindi nagigising ng tamang oras. Kaya nung nagkaroon na ng pagkakataon, pinilit na namin ni J na pumunta para makakuha ng Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA). Hindi ka kasi pwedeng umuwi ng Pilipinas ng walang ganung mga papeles na nakaipit sa passport mo. Mas hassle kasi kung sa Pilipinas ka pa mag-aapply dahil ang dami ng gastos, kung saan-saan ka pa nila papupuntahin. So sa dalawa, dun na lang ako sa mas madaling hassle. Alam ng mga OFW yan dito sa Singapore. Haha.

Kaysa ikwento ko lang, puro pictures na lang para makita nyo kung ano talaga ang aksyon na hinaharap ng bawat Pinoy tuwing uuwi sila ng Pinas.

 7:56 AM

 8:11 AM

 8:12 AM

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