Monday, December 12, 2011

Stephanie Plum is here!

The series of novels that made me love Janet Evanovich. The Stephanie Plum series. According to the ever-reliable and most trusted Wikipedia, Janet Evanovich has already published 17 Plum novels. And I thought she already stopped at 15, now when I checked Janet Evanovich's site, she's now promoting the release of the 18th! I think the last one I read was the 12th. I better do some catching up soon. :)

For those of you who are not familiar with the series (really?! lol):
Stephanie Plum (b. October 12) is a fictional character and the protagonist in a series of novels written by Janet Evanovich. She is a spunky combination of Nancy Drew and Dirty Harry, and - although a female bounty hunter - is the opposite of Domino Harvey. She is described by the author as "incredibly average and yet heroic if necessary." - Wikipedia

Here's the much-awaited trailer of One for the Money.

Katherine Heigl would not have been my first choice for Stephanie as well as the guy playing Morelli. I would have loved to see Sandra Bullock & Benjamin Bratt as Stephanie & Morelli. Their chemistry alone would have made a lot of laughs on screen. I've always imagined the two playing the part when I was reading the books. For Ranger, I think the guy they chose was okay.

Anyway, I can't really do anything about it. I'm so excited for next year. I love the books I just hope the movie doesn't bomb!

I wonder if they're going to do the rest of the books after this one. Eighteen sequels are impossible. What do you think?


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