Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three less fags in the world?

I was reading a news article about a Chinese guy, infected by AIDS by 2 HIV-positive guys on different occasions and then I happen to read through the comments. One comment stuck out like a pimple.

So much for acceptance and tolerance, huh? It's just sad how people think of others.

16 Dec 2011 Update: Another one of the user's post I saw in an article by Too bad the article is not available anymore but I managed to get a screenshot of the comment via the user's Facebook page.

It's not so much about the article but about his comments. We all know how 'shady' things can be in this side of the world but do you have to make those kinds of comments?

It's not as if it doesn't happen in your 'normal, heterosexual' world. Wake up. The things that you notice also happen in your world. Some even worse.

Sad, just sad.


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