Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Samsung Galaxy Note Experience

If you're like me, you learn best through experience. Fortunately, that's what happened when I got the chance to review the latest device by Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy Note.

We were given the device for a week to get a first-hand experience on what makes the
Samsung Galaxy Note different from the rest. For one thing, and I think Barney Stinson will agree, this phoneblet is truly awesome just by its gargantuan size and magnificent HD screen despite it using PenTile matrix instead of the traditional RBG. You'd have to forgive me for using a number of words synonymous to huge as I think it really deserves the credit.

Samsung to launch something Dell did but failed is really courageous and note-worthy. If that’s not enough, the fact the most of the techies have considered the S2 as Samsung’s best yet, they did not stop there when they’ve decided to launch the Note, also running on AndroidTM 2.3.5 (Gingerbread). Very few can challenge the S2 and I think the Note really tops the other where it counts. But we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the world will react to this device that aims to close the gap between a smartphone and a tablet. There is definitely a market for this device as some people would like to just have one device instead of 2.

Now, I’m fairly new to the Android world as I was introduced to it just a few months ago when I got my Samsung Galaxy S2. It was what I have always wanted, well, not really, as I fell in love with the
Galaxy S first. Good thing I had the S2 as the Ice Cream Sandwich update would have been a waste if I got the Galaxy S

Anyway, back to the Note. At first, I thought it would be too big for my puny little hands but when I held it and used it for some time, it wasn't really that bad. The 146.85mm x 82.95mm handset fits perfectly into my pocket. A little uncomfortable at first because I kept on thinking that even though it was massive, it might break due to its thinness (at 9.65mm). Although most of the parts of the Note are made out of plastic, it still felt sturdy and less cheap compared to its older siblings. I think Samsung sacrificed on this one so that the device still feels light despite its size. And while we’re on the subject, I've also read some user reviews that they've also experienced the same weird feeling that they think everyone was looking at their pockets and wondering what could that huge device be.  

To be honest, I've been tinkering with it for days and even though I've had the device for a week, I haven't really used it as much as I can. So I've decided to use it just like how I would use my own phone to see whether it’s enough for me to consider buying one and replacing my S2. It's a big risk for me considering how I love my Samsung Galaxy S2 and how I've been used to and relied to it for months now because I'm not the type to switch phones every now and then. I get too lazy sometimes to back up applications, sync contacts, switch microSD cards, and start all over again. It's just too troublesome for me. Am I getting old or what?

Anyway, the night before, I turned off my Galaxy S2, switched SIMs with it, synced some videos and music to the
Note and pray that I never regret that decision before turning the device on using the power button (located at the right side of the Note). I placed it aside and did not do anything with it yet but I made sure that the battery is at full capacity. I just want it to be turned on so that I can still receive calls and messages.

What if this was my first smartphone? That's what I wanted to experience.

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This entry is in connection to my Master Reviewer: The Galaxy Note entry I posted a week ago.


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