Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We know what you're doing.

For people who can't help but post unnecessary Facebook status updates about their very personal lives, work-related rants about their colleagues and bosses as well as those who post things which should never even be posted in the first place: updates which are neither useful nor relevant to anyone or anything.

I have always thought that there are websites which can access personal information posted on social networking sites. Unfortunately, even if people are aware of this, most of them neglect it until they're actually facing the consequences.

How many do you think have been fired over Facebook Status Updates?

How many do you think have been caught off guard by authorities?

There are those who are even complaining how 3rd parties have access to their mobile numbers.

We all know about privacy settings and how 3rd party sites would love to open them and have access to these confidential information.

This site is a proof that there are ways to do it. :)

Images and/or screenshots are from WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com


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